This idea of Europe of the citizens is very recent, with the objective to socialize the information giving the access it for the users. As it described Baptist (2007, P. 182) has advances of the area of the study of users. They show that today sophisticated qualitative studies can more be made, theoretical and, instrumentally appropriate for the development of systems based on the especificidades of the behaviors of the final users. This allows to make more ergonomic systems in accordance with cognitivas, affective, psychological and physiological necessities of the users.

5. USERS DE INTERNET AND DIGITAL INCLUSION On the democratization of the information, Arajo (2008, p.8) says that in the decade of 1980 the concern in the countries of third world was that ' ' The informacionais problems leave of being those on ones to the promotion of the use of information sources, to the satisfaction of the users with the systems or to the identification of the used sources more, dislocating itself for the question of the identification of the informacionais excluded ones, of the problems of access to the sources and systems of information, of the denunciation of the inaqualities in terms of access and uso' '. Research discloses that, still today, little less than 5% of the people in the whole world they use the Internet, has inaqualities between countries central offices and peripherals in diverse plans, (a logic of global economy that favors the maintenance of the inaqualities between countries central offices and peripherals in diverse plans, also in science and technology. E, still, inaqualities in the process of transformation of data in information, information in knowledge, knowledge in social intelligence.) (GARDEN, 2001). Still the same author comments that how much to the access to the information: the current technologies of the information foment one ' virtual space in the functioning and proper characteristics that produce new configurations of production, flow and access to the information; the concept of ' ' place ' ' one becomes secondary for the professional of the information and the users; the institutions as archives, libraries and centers of documentation acquire new vocations, renew functions that it are historical and surpass others.

Social Intervention

The Educator of Street is a professional of recent implantation in Spain and that more and more is acquiring height and is present in the social intervention, motivated essentially by the progressive deterioration of the traditional institutions of sociabilizacin (school, family) and the consequent increase of the marginalization situations and maladjustment. The fundamental characteristics of this profession are: 1. – Two routes Exist to accede to the profession: A) Through the own experience of work in open means and later obtaining of titles and diplomas that credit to him like educator. B) Or through the accomplishment of courses and later period of practices. Also the technical preparation can be obtained from the access to the university race of Social Educator or Social Educator – although a period of practical formation 2 is not contemplated to this denomination and. – The suitable formation demands, besides vocation and attitudes chords to the roll of the Educator, an ample experience of daily work in a district. 3. – Although the profession develops men essentially to it, in the last years are majority the women who prepare themselves for this task.

The ages of this professional oscillate between the 20 and 35 years. 4. – Educating that began from the voluntary military service tend to become professionals, or serving its from the Administration or social organizations (foundations, NGOs). 5. – It is a young profession that is re-invented continuously, adapting to the sociological changes. 6. – The work is developed from a coordinated equipment, although the intervention proper realises the Educator individually. 7. – Knowledge are needed on psychology the unadapted one, sociology of the marginalization and on the resources that counts the society and how to use them. Blogs Related? MECDigital Archives Will enable to educators of children in? Educating course of Street? To go of street. Direct Spain Blogs Profile of the Educator of Street Education? How to surpass the drogodependencias: Why schizophrenia?

Social Media and Humanity

The equal text has flavor adocicado in the womb of the colored person who shot delivered the arms to it and thoughts of the world measure, therefore was its form, was its social media. The incognito power of the unconscious one arose its will to fill the emptiness or full with the true searches of fbulas of its interior I. In thoughts I write and food to the travellers that to sail is necessary, but without arrived port of or departure The social medias and its sharp claws are the new forms of expansion of the unconscious privacy of the individual with its proper approval of the experimental sharing. The existence of the increasing involved social class with the virtual world is fact, feeding occult desires in an image reflected for digital, galanteios words, smiles, concepts, greetings, love, pain I say and I repeat that the colloquy enters two people by means of the written form and distant of the receiver it is much more including of what the personal form, in the orality, therefore the difference is in descompromisso of the normal and irreplaceable attitudes becoming them in the daily one real life that if has. These forms modify the perception of the real friend, how much reciprocal it can be a modern mind in searching the singularity and simplicity by means of the greed, of the sensorial volpia, the trespass of positive standards to the formation of a rectilinear family for continuous time, fortified in true teachings of we ourselves. Where and as we will go to search a thing that pleases, without wounding the beginning of the other being! The Listener will be present where she wants that it is necessary, therefore this is its mission. To hear! To hear is to speak better! The words will be untied to the wind and agglomerated around of the magnetized one they will fall one to one to be enrolled in the great book of the agony and ecstasy. Joust the position of the vision of the next one is ludibridiada by its emotion and immediate attitude of reply what the principles and ways wound it. It is needed to have more faith and hope in the attitudes of the others that we are we ourselves to temper the words heard in the adjusted amount, thus this food will be digested without me the digestion. The word has the power the interpretation will only be accepted with the moderation contrary Case will be restored the discord of the human being.