In Gnesis

The question that envolveuAdo and its Eva wife if gave in the field of the ethics. The God had disobeyed and seenrodilharam in a tram of astuciosas lies, each one wanting to get rid dopeso of the guilt of the sin. First, Adam it made responsible Eva and indiretamentequis to accuse God: ' ' the woman who you me of this ' ' (Gn 3,12). Later, the woman jogoua guilt in the serpent saying that it deceives it to this (Gn 3,13). When opecado it enters in the seio of the family, the consequences are disastrous. In Gnesis3, the proper God lists a series of unfoldings: the foiamaldioada serpent; the enmity was established; the woman would start to conceive comdor; the land was cursed; the man would start to have fatigue. Moreover, houvea introduction of the pecaminosidade as characteristic of the race and, also, oprimeiro couple see to appear in the family one of its children with nature homicide.

Caim kills Abel, acometido that it was of uncontrollable envy. Remember the marriage of Adam and Eva had the divine approval. In the truth, forarealizado for the proper God. The fact is that the problems faced for Adam nose pointed out accurately in the conjugal life, but yes in the spiritual. Obviously, when the spiritual is not well, it provokes upheavals in the too much areas of life. This sample that until marriages approved for God can have problems.

necessrio, therefore, to always remain in the entire dependence Mr. 2) Afamlia de Ac: the sins of the disobedience and the robery (Js 7,1-26) – Ac was of the tribe of Jud. Joshua commanded the people to the time and had estabelecidoum injunction: if they could not take nothing of the neighboring heathen peoples. Tudodeveria to be destroyed. It was the anathema. It took who it would be cursed and trariamaldio on Israel.

Modern Windows

Manufacturing technology of modern windows can produce almost any design. Wooden windows can be straight or curved, have any form. There is only one limitation: the angle between the two parties to the window frame should not be less than 30 degrees. The minimum value of the window is 30 cm in length and width. The smaller size is not valid because the thickness of the frame itself.

If we talk about maximum limits, then there defining factor is the functionality of the opening. For example, if we are talking about the section, which should be open or swing open, the length of the leaf should not exceed the meter. This is due to the fact that the glass has a higher density than plastic, respectively, it is much harder. Along with the size increases, and its weight, which can lead to skewed frames. For the deaf section size is limited to an area of glass, which operates the manufacturer.

However, the large glass leads to another problem – loss of heat, for industrial buildings is unacceptable. The main objective of these windows is to create a comfortable atmosphere for work. They are needed in order to reduce energy consumption for lighting the room, but consider the fact that regular glass has excellent thermal conductivity. It does not matter what kind of product you produce. Food, wood windows, equipment – all this requires a certain temperature. To solve this problem have developed special energy-saving glass. Their work is based on the fact that the surface of the window cover special selective composition. Such a fine glass transmits visible to humans sunlight, but prevents the exit from the manufacturing premises of invisible heat rays. Faced with the surface, they simply reflected back, which significantly reduces energy consumption for heating. The simplest eurowinows glass consists of two panes and allows you to reduce the loss of heat in the room compared with traditional double glazed windows to 30-40% and reduce the noise level in half to two times.

TIC Equipment

Even the establishments of new creation already has considers in their construction a space for the Means Classroom. The equipment is base to the number of students of each establishment, the schools with less than 100 students receive 5 computers; of 101 to 250 students, 10 equipment; from 251 to 500 they give 15 to them, and if the scholastic population is greater of 500 they install 20 equipment to them. The number will be able to be considered that he is not agreed to the one of students average in the groups of the schools of the state but another one of the characteristics of the Means Classrooms is that in them tries the collaborative work and the means use diverse, thus while an equipment looks for information in Internet on certain subject another one can be consulting average forms or reviewing videos or the programming of Edusat, for in the end and always with the organization of the educational one interchanging the information successfully obtained by all the equipment. Unfortunately the impact that has been had with this program has been absolutely satisfactory since in many cases the educational ones take to their group without a class plan and leave students realise them activities of little advantage and in other cases the means classrooms have become calculation factories since the teachers do not count on the preparation sufficient to optimize the use of these resources and that he is reflected in the learning of his students. What lack does now is to design a program of qualification for the use of the TIC s like educative tool and of support in the workings that realise to the interior of the schools, great variety of courses and factories on the matter but without a real and continuous pursuit have been offered. If it is come to offer to educational the suitable preparation to the handling of the technologies and the communication they will obtain better results in the education of the children and young people of our state..

Renault Grand Scenic

The American brand has introduced this year in the national market the new Chevrolet Orlando, a medium size 7-seater MPV. This new model has been designed to be useful and practical, with a proven technology and a mechanical failsafe. With a bold exterior design and a practical interior, Chevrolet Orlando stands for an economical purchase price and low cost of maintenance: is available from 18,500 euros. The new minivan is intended to satisfy the needs of large families or simply to those who require space for your work or leisure activities. To meet sales targets, the new minivan will have to compete with Renault Grand Scenic, Toyota Verso or Citroen C4 Grand Picasso among others. The seats are arranged in 3 rows (2 + 3 + 2), the middle row is a bench and the two rear seats are separate seats that can fold to expand the trunk space.

Its creator, the Korean Taewan Kim, was looking for a car attractive on the outside and practical travelogue. In addition your design should emphasize on European roads without looking too great. The interior is very space and 7 adults can sincerely travel comfortably. Access to the 2 rear seats is easy because the Center row folds with two simple movements. 3 Engines available in Spain, a 1.8 gasoline currently litres and 141 horses and two diesel that will surely be the most demanded. Both are 2-liter with 131 and 163 horsepower. The price difference between the two makes it worthwhile to opt for the more powerful.

They are available in automatic and manual change. The equipment of the Orlando series is more than acceptable and includes, among other things, air conditioning, 6 airbags, radio cd with mp3, front fog lights, trip computer and parking sensor. The version complete, has cruise control, rain and lights, browser and sensors during 3 years or 100,000 kilometres free vehicle maintenance. No doubt the relationship quality/price of the new vehicle gives us the possibility to get a 7 seater new with a budget similar to that you invest in the market for used cars. The acceptance of the Orlando among consumers could lead to the reaction of other manufacturers and reduce the prices of the minivan segment in general, both new and second hand vans.

Flash Design

Web design is the application of a conventional design to a multimedia design as it is the web, when we speak of multimedia we are mentioning that the content is video, text, audio and image, therefore the difference between the conventional design, and web design is that web design follows different rules, these rules have a somewhat rare names but in the context of their name they explain that it is exactly. These names are: navigability, usability and architecture of information, a basic explanation of these three rules would be as follows, navigability is the ease with which a user moves through a web page. Usability is the ease with which a user can make use of a website, though it may be a bit redundant, and the information architecture, is the structuring, selection and presentation of the content. Today web design has changed much from its inception, since different tools and computer languages that allow to perform high-quality designs, as it is the case have emerged in the quite mentioned HTML5, with which you can do a very good web design and also allows greater interaction of users with the aforementioned websites. HTML5 is a new technology, with which the web designer has the ability to perform dynamic designs quickly and great eye candy, also allows them to update the websites which want them to improve their designs, and for this feature with a large number of reserved words that have HTML5.

To start to do some kind of web design with this new language, to call it somehow, they have to be mainly solid notions of the old HTML, since if it is not it will be quite difficult to learn HTML5. An example of the dynamism of the web pages that are designed with HTML5, is that it is no longer necessary to make animations with programs like Flash, but the language itself has functions and methods for performing these animations. This can lead us to think that in the future the HTML5 will be the predominant web design language to perform any web site and all designers will be nearly that forced to learn and implement this language, because if they don’t they may become in a technology block in terms of web design, and if this happens to them remain virtually outside the market, since the web technology market today is quite demanding and every day takes you to all persons wishing to study web design or web designers already consolidatedchoose to learn what is at the forefront in terms of technology and web design..


Education and integration: what I propose Teodulo Lopez Melendez Educacion: the sign of the new Government started my approaches to the country warning him about the serious difficulties of the transition. Although the economic box we will call to alarm and drastic forecasts, the new democratic Government must give immediate signals of its path in the globality of what will be its purpose and essence. That is why I have said that you must immediately declare the educational emergency. I believe that the emergency decree must include the total overhaul of the system, a general increase in wages to educators and a clear commitment to immediate and intensive courses of updating and modernisation. I have displayed such courses and who directed them.

This includes the massive use of technology and compliance to 100 per cent of a computer in the hands of every child or young person enrolled, programme already initiated by the present Government. It is, of course, complicated the total revision of the pensa, but less is it fit body education to the new realities and paradigms of the 21st century. Financial availabilities may impose stages in pay recognition to our educators, but it must meet under the principle that everyone adapt ourselves to an education that exceeds the caletre or memorization to become a process of formation of men and women. For this purpose we have the ability of magnificent professionals who feature an educational project that will allow us to move forward rapidly towards a society of knowledge and education for life. Education is closely linked to the social question. There are elements of special attention such as dropping out of school or simply the non-registration of a child in a school, problems linked to domestic violence or extreme poverty. You cannot have an education plan without assistants computers in psychological, attention to the family where the student comes from and in the provision of a balanced diet.


This system of production is dominated by the logic of the circulation of the capital. To the quality production a marketing is added and the type of specific consumption. The author also attributes that the demand is who determines the production. Thus, the economy perpassa for the consumption society, with the personalization of this to seduce the individual for its values for offering goods and services to it. The capitalist system is negative, therefore also it is used of cultural, aesthetic factors proper when making its promotion. Today it appears a fashion and cultural products programmed by the tecnocincia (science + present technology in day-by-day).

‘ ‘ The tecnocincia invades daily with a thousand devices and services, but it does not offer to no moral value beyond the hedonism consumista’ ‘ (SAINTS, 1989, p 73). These societies aim at only profit and power. The lives if break up disorderedly in images, digits, signs. After-modernismo it is invading (and bad, therefore), therefore penetrates in the daily one with the technology of individual mass and, with the objective to saturate with information, diversions and services. In the age of Computer science if it deals more with signs of what with things. That is, the technology programs each time more the daily one. Moreover, the machine made to withdraw the tradition, the religion, the moral and dictated new freer, urban values, but always atrelados to the social progress.

Finally, it created the industrial mass and the individual machine, alone in the collective one of the metropolises, desumanizado. Harvey affirms that the excess of information cause the precocious esquecimento of the facts. The individual in the after-modern condition is submitted to a bombing of fragmented information that never form a unit, with important cultural, social effect and politicians.


Although the animation is one of the most attractive aspects of graphs by computer, the possibilities to represent the movement that make the scenes dynamic so exciting continue being limited so much for fixed images and animations. Lady Stepper. In our work, to experiment with the representation of movement like an organization of first class in the renderizado process of. We make the concept extensive of shading of surface, that is evaluated in an infinitesimal part of the surface of an object at a moment in the time, to the one of an effect of programmable movement, that is evaluated with the global knowledge about all the parts of the surface of an object that happens in front of a pixel during an arbitrary sequence of prolonged time. With this additional information, the programmable effects of movement can decide to the pixels of color much later (or long before) of an object has happened in front of them. In order to calculate the data required by the movement effects, a structure of data sets out 4D that the aggregates of an object moves a simple geometric representation by means of the sampling of the position of an object in cases of time different and connection from the corresponding edges of two adjacent samples. The design is an ability that must learn.

It is learned better with the practice and watching well designed examples. In the area of information design, a designed good example is the one that transmits its information of direct form and with the minimum ambiguity. Also it uses his means of appropriate way, that is to say, one is not using the techniques and methods of some other means. Therefore, to say that in the computer based on text processor, a good example tries to be neither the conventional typography nor typewriter manual. Therefore, a designed good document is not going to use the right and the justification of the left unless the system correctly can do in front of her (and generally not it can). The underlining appears to cut through the outlines of the letters like a, j, and g, and makes difficult the reading.

It remembers that we read more by the appreciation of the general form of the words that when examining carefully each letter – this is the reason by the correction of tests is so difficult of typesetter tricks, like emphasizing or putting everything in the capital, to interfere with the general form of the words: the underlining, by which it causes that it is difficult to appreciate the landlord of outlines, and the capitalization, by means of the reduction. With the learning and the application of some basic principles, almost any person can design well. The design is not a magical process professional designers no matter how much it would like to make us think that it could be. The objective of the nonprofessional designer is not for laying new ways, but to present/display information of a coherent and acceptable way. We can do that when remembering that the objective of the design is to make sense of the things. Now 3d is the moment to embrace the design methods renderings and to work in specific markets of architectural visualization yet and the related thing to rendering services, among others.

Future Technologies

LED and laser light for small cross-sections of LEDs have opened up many areas in recent years because of its longevity and its energy efficiency at simultaneous color fidelity and often replaced incandescent and discharge lamps in traditional fields of application. For the coupling in small fibre cross sections were the usual semiconductor-based solutions but usually no equivalent substitute. Now this however has changed. High-performance laser diodes now advancing in areas previously reserved Xenon discharge lamps. Medical technology, life science, and endoscopy will benefit. Since the Volpi AG ( brought the first white LED light sources on the market about 15 years ago, the Swiss company has promoted continuously, and with considerable success the development work. Now the lighting specialists have set a further milestone: in close cooperation with users up to 700 m developed new LED and laser-based high-performance light modules for the coupling in fiber cross section of 125. With their high The new solution offers a maintenance-free, energy-saving, long-lasting and color-accurate alternative to xenon lamps light services.

So is the light performance of very compact compared to Xenon types module at the end of a 0.7 m long and 200 m thin fiber, for example, considerable 30 lm. foundations for the new formed in addition to LEDs with high power density and low-cost laser above all the experience in the design of optical input power systems and a sophisticated thermal management. The new fiber lighting creates favourable conditions for many new standard products and customer specific solutions. These include E.g. endoscopes for minimally invasive surgery as well as systems for ophthalmology, wave front measurement or the whole life – science and Diagnostics area. Further performance increases are foreseen; on future developments it will be so excited.

Business Cards

What they mean when they say online business card? What kind of audience is targeted? Who uses it? Does it have advantages? Answers to such questions as we try to describe in this article. Site card – it's not a great site made to ensure that any company had the opportunity to advertise themselves online. By the same author: ConocoPhillips. Typically, a site visit is a few pages, which correctly described the true information about operation of the company. If you would like to know more about Bobby Gocool, then click here. In other words, a potential user to visit a site and retrieve comprehensive information on the operations of the company, refer to the proposed types of goods or services, view prices, discounts, promotions, if necessary, to find answers from expert consultants, and others. Website development cards are sufficiently common and best-selling service. Number of firms wishing to to have a website, is growing rapidly. And why? Because it is one of the options for advertising.

Advertising in in their turn – the engine of progress, which allows you to mobilize additional new customers, increases in popularity company in general. For site development business cards need to find companies involved in manufacturing sites and and make their order. It is important that these experts were engaged. It is on their work will depend on how much a job well done and number of your probable future customers. To create a website business cards you need the following information: 1.

information about the company. Containing: the description of the advertised goods and services, history of origin of the company and other materials. 2.Tehnicheskoe job. It is true you have to determine all requirements and wishes, put up a site-specific features. 3. Selecting the type of design among normnogo numbers. The election of the color palette, especially navigation, if you wish to provide photos of materials or correspondence On the positive site cards include: – Simple management – mobilizing future customers – one of many ways proreklavirovat themselves – continually updated news feed and a price – an increase of pr companies – the growth of the prestige and much more. Summing up the conclusion to note that these websites have a lot of positive moments that contribute to the progress of your company in general.