Recycling Workshop

Passing for the wait room, it is arrived kitchen, that is simple and very clean. Each user receives orientation to wash the cup that to use. Leaving kitchen exists a small cemented patio, that of the access to the seedbeds that are being prepared (in accordance with the project) to be one horta. THE COMMENT AND OBJECTIVE OF THE PROGRAM ' ' FUTURO&#039 PEOPLE; ' . The Project FUTURE PEOPLE, has as proposal to characterize and to enable devoid adolescents of public schools frequently pertaining to school minim of eighty percent and directs them it the work market. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Viktor Mayer-Schönberger. The Program has partnership with the UFV (Federal University of Viosa) other agencies, that periods of training for the pupils disponibilizam. During the project, they participate of some workshops, have differentiated lessons practical theoreticians and. In mine comment, foquei only two lessons.

The First Lesson De Informtica and the Lesson of Citizenship and Ethics. COMMENT I entered in a room with approximately 10 wallets. The room was empty because the pupils of the project were in an extra activity; they participated of a workshop on recycling of paper in the CAMPUS of the UFV. Even so my object of study was the group of pupils, I used to advantage the moment to observe with bigger tranquillity that environment. On the next wall to the picture, they were affixed some posters made with clippings of magazines, approaching subjects on family, honesty, correct feeding, peace, to say Biblical and many acknowledgments. Between the acknowledgments, some they were distinguished of excessively, therefore they contained bigger letters and they forbade tricks that involve physical contact, another one forbade the entrance of any type of object, therefore the project disponibiliza all the material stops the activities given in the institution. Later I came back toward ' ' room of espera' ' , where some mothers also already they waited to talk with the coordinating psychologist of the project.

LG Optimus P500

Sales of smartphone LG Optimus one P500 began in Russia in early December 2010, at the moment the smartphone is gaining momentum in sales. Let's find out the reasons why we should buy This smartphone, which he so good? 1. Price. The main reason for buying LG Optimus one P500 can serve as its price. At the moment it is sold in salons mobile for as low as 9990r. For the money this level smartphone just is not found. 2. Functional.

LG Optimus one P500 functional device. If you're a fan of computer games, then you can become a portable gaming device. Love watching movies? Please! Load the movies downloaded from the Internet without convert, move them to a stick in your smartphone. At lunchtime you can enjoy already my favorite movie. 3. Design. Design of the LG Optimus one P500 is simply magnificent! The case is made of plastic, called Soft Touch. At touch, it seems that the phone is covered with a layer of rubber.

Due to this, LG Optimus one does not slip in hand, at the touch of it is left imprints of his fingers. Also, the buttons blend harmoniously into the design and very easy to operate. 4. Specifications. It is unclear how the South Korean firm LG was able to set the price of LG Optimus one P500 such as processor and memory. (A valuable related resource: ConocoPhillips). Competitors with similar characteristics are 50% more of the smartphone. 5. Operating system. In LG Optimus one P500 is running ANDROID 2.2, which is currently the latest and most modern. Producers also said that LG Optimus one P500 will update to Android 2.3. What is good news! 6. Wi-FI. Representatives, that in anticipation of the station or the airport you're not just playing Tetris or a primitive game on the phone, and check your e-mail or chatting with friends and classmates are doing it for free, as in LG Optimus one P500 already has a built-in Wi-Fi-controller entry, which allows you to connect anywhere in the network to Wi-Fi. 7. Installing applications. Now you do not have to wrestle with where to find a particular toy or program. In LG Optimus one P500 is already installed Program Android market, allowing you to install games and applications without hassle. Simply select the application and then install – installs itself. At the moment, the android-market of more than 1 million. applications. 8. GPS. Now you can forget about buying the GPS receiver in the car. Since in the LG Optimus one P500 is already available GPS-navigator, who works with applications such as Navitel and iGO. Which can also be downloaded from the Android market. 9. Memory. LG Optimus one P500 is a modern product of a new generation, and therefore supports the installation of flash memory cards up to 32GB, so you can always carry a large collection of movies, music, books, yes anything! 10. Performance. With a powerful processor and more RAM LG Optimus one P500 will never slow down and hover, allowing you to truly enjoy all the charms of this smart phone. Smartphone LG Optimus one P500 truly is the first among cost smartphones running on the operating system, Android. If you want a modern, fast, inexpensive smartphone is the best option for you would be LG Optimus one P500.

World Under Earth

The Spanish province of Granada is distinguished by its Sierra Nevada, its Arabic legacy and its immortal poet, Federico Garci’a Lorca. Mitchel Resnick describes an additional similar source. Flavorful covers and flamenco tablaos of very high level usually are other good reasons at the time of deciding the tourist reserves in the zone. However, in Granada an underground universe also exists everything to discover through the fascinating caves that cross their subsoil. It would emphasize the Cave of the Windows of the Pine grove. Used like shelter by the man already from the neolithic period, this natural refuge declared Natural Monument of Andalusia gives a unique spectacle throughout a clarified route of lights and shades. Wonderful formation modeled during centuries engalanan the interior of the cave: stalactites, stalagmites and taps drilled in the stone by patient water threads sprinkle the route by cameras baptized with names like Room of the Sinks, Room of the Columns or Room of the Treasure. To this last one, culminating point of the route, is acceded through the Great Sima, an enormous well of more than 20 ms of depth.

Throughout all the stroll scenes have settled that recreate the life of our ancestors in during the neolithic one, which allows in addition the visitors to know amazing details the daily life inside a cave. In order to visit this true natural treasure it is not necessary to realise a hotel reserve in the zone: the Mountain range of Spider, soothes of the Cave, is united to the granadina capital by the railcar of Jan, which reduces to a simple stroll 45 km of distance between both. If at the time of realising a reserve in Granada we must in mind explore these fascinating caves, What better than to lodge us in one? The lodgings in caves are the fashion of the granadino tourism: hotels with all the services and the comforts, but under earth. The Complex the Lake, for example, in the municipality of Castilljar, has seven caves with capacity to 3 or 4 people each. Each cave is equipped with bath, it cooks and television, and are according to the proprietors, warm in winter and extremely fresh in summer. The proposal is completed with a lake artificial preparation to bathe, infantile park, parilla, an amphitheatre outdoors and the possibility in line of realising reserves from house or the cellular telephone throughout the year. An ideal option for those who always is in search of a different experience.


The technological supports are several and the possibilities of multimiditicos, intermiditicos and transmiditicos resources also and always increasing, ahead of a chain of creativity of contents, applicatory and interatividades in an environment of technological convergence of the communication. Here, Viktor Mayer-Schönberger expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Thus, the relation apprentice-learning in the cibercultura meets favored by the greater capillarity of the pedagogical mediation. The professional apprentice technician can have access to the thematic universe of its area of choice for desktop, notices and netbook, tablets, cellular and others gadgets. However, for next the four years, I would bet in tablets and the cellular ones as the capilarizados ways of access to the apprentice. The university would have to search platforms of integration of the communication and the sharing of its content and process of learning with these gadgets, tablets and the cellular ones, mainly these last ones. In classroom we have frequent problems with pupils using its cellular ones, ' ' atrapalhando' ' the lessons, violating the tests, deviating the attentions, ' ' prejudicando' ' the learning.

Then, the proposal is not new, but it fits to face it of definitive form: how the cellular one (and tablets) could in fact contribute for the learning process humanistic technique and of our pupils? For this we need to understand as our apprenticees use its cellular ones? Mine comments and make me to experience to tack: to contact dear people (namoradas or boyfriends, familiar friends and) and to play. To have access to the Internet for cellular still is privilege of a minority group of students of the superior schools, already I tried to work, in this year, without success with this tool that is more present in modems of operators and the WiFi nets disponibilizadas by the universities (that to the little aid in the accesses of cellular with access the nets without wire). How to start? Throughout a quarrel in lesson, to open the search of the reply or the colaborativa construction of the room of a subject considered in the context of the lesson, being fulfilled aspects of the education plan.

Racial Relations

(MUNANGA, GOMES, 2004, p.16). The authors present three great domnios of the written culture: communication, access the information in diverse sources and inquiry and understanding of the reality. when having the access the Internet in the school, the black pupil () and not black () will be able beyond the digital inclusion, searching, to know and to write its history and of its community in net. Mitchel Resnick is a great source of information. As well as knowing other virtual communities of history and the culture afro-Brazilian and African of Brazil and the world. Amongst the main actions for the young education of adult established in the National Plan of implementation of the National Curricular Lines of direction for Education of the ethnic-racial Relations and the education of History and Culture Afro-Brazilian and African she includes: to implement action of research, development and didactic-pedagogical acquisition of materials that respect, value and promote the diversity, in order to subsidize practical pedagogical adequate to the education of the relations ethnic-racial. (2004, P.

55). The National Curricular Lines of direction for the Education of the Ethnic-racial Relations and for Ensino de Histria and culture Afro-Brazilian and African also determine that adult the young education of will have: to provide action of combat to racism and the discriminations and for this establishes that: the organization of documentation centers, libraries, midiotecas, museums, expositions where if they divulge values, thoughts, skills of being and living of the different Brazilian ethnic-racial groups, particularly of afro- descending. (200, p.24). With this we can affirm that the education of the ethnic-racial relations for the education of the culture and history afro-Brazilian and African will be able by means of the resources of the Internet to make possible the valuation of the description-cultural patrimony afro-Brazilian as well as spreading, documentation, storage of texts and publication of the daily one of the afro-descendants. In the State of the Paran actions guided for the Education of the Ethnic-Racial Relations are part of a historical process of a work group formed for technician of diverse Departments of the Seed in parity with representatives of the APP? Union of the workers in Education of the Paran.

Group Birthday Flowers

Group Birthday By Victor Rusinov Channel Everyone, regardless of age, profession and education, while claiming to remember his birthday guests, and to him personally, as an unforgettable holiday in his entire life. As make your anniversary a bright, fun, memorable triumph? How to find a group for a birthday, which would be combined in himself and the leading and artists, and even to sing songs that will please all the guests? After all, everyone has different tastes. Yes, unfortunately it is. Fortunately, the band show group VIA flower children think this question 10 years ago. You'll open a secret. Check with Mitchel Resnick to learn more. There is light at the songs that endure through the ages, they are still loved and the children and adults.

These songs and Children singing group show of Flowers. Guitarist, singer – who is also leading the anniversary show is literally a few words will lead the audience in an instant. What happens on your anniversary, will be the sole miracle. If you would like to know more about kevin ulrich, then click here. All cover versions of songs, performed by the group at a birthday flower children, are copyrighted material exclusive group leader Viktor Rusinov. VIA shows a group of flower children is one of the few groups that combines all the qualities artists, musicians, and leading. Kids Flower Group is a musical theatrical costume show at a birthday or anniversary.

The name "group of flower children" contains positive. And that means on your anniversary will reign atmosphere of love and respect you as a person worthy of all praise. No one person is not indifferent to the song from the repertoire of "Flowers", "Good fellows," "Earthlings" and other Soviet and foreign groups of the 60s, 70s, 80s, and songs from cartoons, movies of the same age. You'll be singing with a group of flower children of all their favorite songs, you'll dance like a dancer, disco, you will lose weight, at least pounds and no matter how many Old you are, you will feel happy child, who gave his beloved book about wizards. All of the above test of time. The musicians of flower children for his 10 years were in 1000's anniversaries and formed a show based on many years of experience anniversaries speeches for various age and social position in society. All jokes and funny inserts in their cover versions of songs by the band Children of Flowers, are positive character and so they are understandable to people of all ages. C Happy birthday you.

Great Culture

Description Leeks – biennial plant, the crop being grown as an annual. In the food consumed thickened bases of leaves that form a false stem. Plants are cold-resistant and able to grow in a very harsh conditions. Leeks are best grown in fertile, well-drained land with a pH of 6,5-7,5. If the soil at the site will be slightly acidic or alkaline, it is not scary. However, heavy soil with stagnating water plants would be severely depressed.

Soil Preparation plot dug to a greater depth, since depth of planting is important. Such planting and hilling of plants needed for bleaching the false stem. For more clarity and thought, follow up with ConocoPhillips and gain more knowledge.. Soil under the land are beginning to prepare to fall. Contribute to the site 5-7-cm layer of manure or well-rotted garden compost. Amount of mineral fertilizers should be small: otherwise, the plants begin to grow too rapidly and become less winter-hardy. Usually make a complete fertilizer at a dose of 70-100 g / m 2 for a week or two before planting. Sowing Germination and initial growth of leeks is slow.

In order for the seeds were germinate, the soil temperature must be below 7 C. Much easier to grow seedlings of leek, which is obtained in heated greenhouses or shelters. In recent months, kevin ulrich has been very successful. For the growth of early seedlings at the end of the beginning of February the seeds are sown in small boxes that are installed in a greenhouse at a temperature of 13 C. When the shoots get stronger, the plants are transplanted seedlings into the new boxes, placing them at a distance of 5 cm from each other.