ISO Setting

Content and background of Compositionally I like to keep this type of photography uncluttered and simple as possible. And generally prefer to photograph on a white background (watch out for sharp shadows cast your Madeleine), and with minimal props. It would be advisable to include a glass of wine and at least from what usually happens on the table, if you’re going to photograph him. Shutter speed (speed gate) Another one of the options for getting more light camera is to use a long shutter speed.

Keep in mind, the longer the exposure, the greater the chance to catch any movements (as a model of fire from candles and camera movements). If the environment is completely immobile (fire on the candles do not flicker) and the model tries to be as fixed, set your shutter speed longer than 1 / 15 seconds – but still, do not overdo it, do not require the model too much. ISO setting is another way to compensate for the lack of light – to raise the value of ISO. Of course this has its drawbacks, the higher the value, the more noise (grain) in the photo.

Try not to put iso above 400, thus you minimize digital noise in photos (or grain when shooting on film). Exposition When candles are in the frame, then with high probability Automatic cameras will understate the exposure value, so that the candles were not solid bright spot. You can try to raise the exposure value, but the main thing here is not to overdo it.

The Text

Another one aggravation, ally to this constatao, verifies in the referring questions to the reading and the literal production. The claim of the lack of domain of the grammatical norms praised by the language standard and of literal strategies is unanimous. Beyond, as it is known, the argumentativa lack of legal capacity, of not the exercise of the formularization of ideas, concepts and proper opinions. We can also affirm that to read it means not to be only in what they say the texts, but to incorporate what they bring to transform our proper knowledge, developing it, of form that if improves beyond the knowledge, to know intrinsic to the social life. It can be read of superficial form, but also if it can interrogate the text, to leave that it considers new doubts, questions previous ideas and induces to think in another way. Compagnon defends that the reading has to see with empatia, projection and identification, fitting the reader to make its choices of readings, when these are imposed, it finishes for if having an imperfection in the interaction of the text with the reader, this, reading and interprets, only and mere, for obligation if not dedicating or abstracting from the text what it has of news. We verify that the paper of the reader, today ' ' it is free, bigger, independent: its objective is less to understand the book of what to understand itself exactly; by the way it cannot understand a book if it thanks to its does not understand proper livro' ' (COMPAGNON, 2003, P. 144), in this we verify the effectiveness of the reading in the formation of the criticidade of the reader, as well as a deep recognition of itself in its readings, abstracting from them what of essential it possesss for its personal and partner-cultural formation. Analyzing literature contemporary, we make possible certain concern with paper of the reader and as this interacts with the text, verifying as crucial the mediation and orientation of the professor and its strategies so that the reading is become fullfilled in efficient way.