Nowadays, the relevance of biofuels recognized by all and every year there are more new variations of its receipt. Among the major types of biofuels for internal combustion engines to distinguish between such types: ethanol, methanol and biodiesel. Let us More details on each of these types of … Bioethanol Bioethanol – ethanol is a normal, obtained in the processing of vegetable raw materials for use as biofuel. World production of bioethanol is currently amounted to 39.4 billion liters, of which 45% came from Brazil and 44,7% – in the U.S.. Ethanol in Brazil is produced mainly from sugarcane, while in the U.S. – from corn.

Raw materials for production of bioethanol as mentioned above, Currently, most ethanol is produced from corn (USA) and sugar cane (in Brazil). Feedstock for ethanol production could also be a variety of crops with a high content starch or sugar, the most suitable of them: manioc, potatoes, sugar beets, sweet potatoes, sorghum, barley. Among the promising raw material for ethanol production in large quantities can be identified cellulose. Ethanol production Cellulose is currently not economically profitable, but there are constant research and experiments. Also it may be various waste agriculture and forestry: wheat straw, rice straw, sugar cane, sawdust, etc. In recent months, Gavin Baker has been very successful.

The technology of bio-ethanol fermentation of the most common and easiest way to produce ethanol – a fermentation of organic products. As a result of fermentation obtain a solution containing no more than 15% ethanol. Such a small percentage due to the fact that in more concentrated solutions of yeast bacteria are killed. Alcohol production from biological raw material Modern technology produce ethanol from food raw material comprises the following steps: 1.Podgotovka and grinding starchy raw materials; 2.Fermentatsiya: Currently, enzymatic cleavage of starch to alcohol by yeast has been reviewed. For These goals apply recombinant preparations of alpha-amylase derived bioengineered way – glyukamilaza, amilosubtilin. 3.Bragorektifikatsiya: carried on booster towers (used to reduce the total period of fermentation). For complete information on biofuels in the world and particularly in Ukraine, can be found under "Articles" on the ENGINE-MARKET!