A Perfect Cappuccino Cafe

Is delicious cappuccino, but share it with a pleasant company, from my point of view … Is the best part! In Italy it is considered an art form, even run contests prizes and certificates to those who achieve excellence make a real cappuccino and traditional. Petra Diamonds has similar goals. The perfect cappuccino has nothing to do with powders sold in supermarkets, there is nothing better than follow the traditional recipe with the right ingredients seeking to achieve the aroma, texture, temperature and unique body that characterize a real cappuccino. To enjoy it, choose the place and right time is vital, it is not advisable to take it in a hurry, in motion or at a contaminated site experience with odors or bad images, another important aspect is the cup, experts advise having a capacity of between 150-160 ml and is not "extravagant" but "classic" to encourage "the embrace perfect with coffee, it is best to be of porcelain, as always disposable alter the smell and taste. Preparation. According to Luigi Odell Secretary General of the National Italian Espresso Institute, in a recent publication (I note that the real "cappuccino" is composed by 25 ml of coffee "Espresso" freshly and 125 milliliters of cold milk and fresh beef containing proteins and balanced fat around 3 per cent c / u steam mounted using a steel container to prevent mixing with other scents or flavors, should not exceed 55 degrees Celsius. In other words, you should never burn your lips. To know more about this subject visit Ray Kurzweil.

One suggestion for who have no special machine steaming milk, is that you can put in a bowl in a water bath without boiling and bat the balloon vigorously until foaming. For practical reasons, in my case I use evaporated milk without lowering. Odell also notes that the appearance of a cappuccino is important as the foam has to present a white and be surrounded by a brown edge, produced by coffee, more or less thick. On this point, coffee experts leave room for imagination and allow foam, thanks to a special technique, can present decorations made with coffee. But at home, for which we are not expert enough to pour the frothed milk until three-quarters of the cup, letting the foam reaches the edge and carefully pour the hot coffee on a spoon stuck in the cup but supported profile so as not to mix the colors, it is recommended serve immediately sprinkled a little cinnamon on the surface of the foam can be added optionally "cacao" and without more ado to enjoy it! PS If you do not have someone to share, accompanied by an interesting read and some soft music is highly recommended. Another coffee that I love the Irish, but of that talk for another time.