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That Yes, until the batteries run out just when you are in the middle of a game. But the Logitech K750 is equipped with strips of solar panels that will keep the keyboard with a perpetual and full load power. It even works with interior lighting.

Price: $79,99, on the web site of Logitech (Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750) 6. Samsung Galaxy Tab: is is an excellent choice of tablets electronic beyond Apple’s Ipad. This tablet runs under the operating system Google Android and so far over 700,000 Samsung Galaxy Tab have been marketed. Price: $599 on the Samsung website. 5. Tokyo Flash: Is a fun watch in the form of cube that emits multicolored lights. It is also a clock multididactico in which must decrypt an access code to gain access to its functions. Price: $94, at the web site: Tokyo Flash Kisai Joypad 4 s.

iPod Nano wristband: this product has been the response to the possible difficulty of mobility and charge the iPod music player. Your presentation is in the form of clock and comes with all the applications to the Apple iPod has become famous for several years. Price: $25, on the web site Mimolife 3. Apple TV: Is one of the articles from Apple that is offered as a multimedia center. Connects to the TV and then to the Apple iTunes library which can be downloaded from online media. Clearly depends on the regional media provisions and up to the moemento only fits in countries such as Japan and Australia, later in the USA. Price: $99, on the Apple web site. 2 T@rjetas of Christmas (Christmas C@rds HD) HD – iPad applications: this is a very specific application for iPad which will help you to send some simple details of Christmas with best wishes by e-mail. Christmas C@rds HD, allows you to create e-Cards of Christmas with any of the 30 templates available. Add your own custom text and pictures, and then send them to all your contacts. Price: $3.99, on the Christmas C@rds HD, iTunes 1 website. Electronic blinking eyeballs (electronic eyes flashing): this particular product assembles a few eyeballs to different surfaces, as well as if they were items of decoration.You can also customize the look of your eyes with tears, eyelashes, eyebrows angry, or even a pink nose would be something fun. Perfect to scare people or provoke laughter with two of these around the House. Price: $34.99, on the web site Think Geek. Original author and source of the article.