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I chose employee retention, because the survey indicated that many employees were going or looking for new jobs elsewhere, because he thought the lack of career opportunities in their current positions. Senior management has recently issued a directive – No new developments in the management for the foreseeable future. We were over-staffing and budgets do not allow more spending in this area. So I looked for some ways to make changes that allow employees to learn, grow and feel fulfilled without becoming a member of the management. Along with a few HR coworkers, I conducted a focus group. More information is housed here: Viktor Mayer-Schönberger. The results can be valuable for companies in similar circumstances. To deepen your understanding Futurist is the source.

* Employees do not expect a lifelong commitment of your business. But they do appreciate the opportunity to learn new job skills that will make them more attractive in the future. Practices such as the formation of the Cross and the addition of a greater responsibility to give employees the opportunity to show what they can do, and if they are finally chosen for the management, they will be better qualified. * Employees want to learn more about the company they work for, as a whole. Once you learn the big picture, feel capable of making valuable contributions in terms of how they can perform more creatively and efficiently.

Finally, we have developed a series of policy changes that led to the current company, with the changing structure of business today. To create more opportunities for our employees, provides cross training and lateral movement options of employment and group information and training sessions for employees in practices across the company’s business, procedural changes and new opportunities as available. As a result, morale, retention and productivity have improved. e 2005 AlphMeasure, Inc. – All rights reserved This article may be reproduced, provided it is published in its entirety, includes biography of the author information and all links remain active. Measure. Report. Improve your organization with Josh Greenberg is President of AlphMeasure, Inc. AlphMeasure provides organizations of all sizes to powerful web based method for measuring employee satisfaction, determining employee engagement, employee retention and increasing.