Easter Calendar On Auto.de

Every day online crack a Kinder Easter is soon. “Therefore, the auto portal has the Easter Lady engaged and on its side the Easter Calendar” launched. This works just like an advent calendar and offers the chance to win something every day online visitors of the page from now. Swarmed by offers, Eliot Horowitz is currently assessing future choices. Every day up to Easter Monday. It’s believed that Activision Blizzard sees a great future in this idea. On Easter Monday even the overall Grand Prize of the game is of course on the agenda: the Easter egg calendar Windows that is intended for the April 13, the VW Scirocco Announces. From April 8 but can, with a little luck of one of the gratifying Nebengewinne”change its owner. On Wednesday, Auto.de to the participants of the competition is giving away four car quartets with the newly identified top car of the year 2009.

On April 10 and 11, there are book packages. “” Once the Audi types customer you can”win reading material for motorcycle fans, the other time: motorcycle tour preparation”, as well as the motorcycle-adventure novel on the way to the Red Dragon “. For the remaining days, the 9th and the 12th of April Marche restaurant vouchers and NIGRIN care packages for the participants in stock. More information will be revealed on the respective days before cheating is prohibited! Who wants to try his luck, has it easy: on the Auto.de Easter calendar at the correct day the right egg crack and participate in the raffle. Therefore, it is only necessary to register with a nickname and password on the site. More information: sweepstakes /.