Ethernet Devices

NComputing is the VAD new sysob distribution partner in Schorndorf, August 10, 2010 sysob and NComputing, provider of desktop virtualization solutions, have currently signed a distribution agreement. A wide range of products for the virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) available is resellers so now. The core of all products is vSpace virtualization software. This creates multiple virtual workspaces in a physical computer. About the access devices of the NComputing l, U and X series, additional users can connect monitors, keyboards and mice. NComputing products sysob supplemented its portfolio of offerings to robust and reliable desktop virtualization solutions, which require no expensive server infrastructure. The products reduce IT costs, simplify IT management and reduce energy consumption at the same time.

The vSpace software, desktop virtualization with Linux as well as under Windows operating systems is possible. This can be the product easily in Microsoft, VMware as well as integrate Citrix environments. After installing the software, access devices of the following product series can be connected with the virtual workplace: L-series for Ethernet connections L series products seamlessly fit in with Microsoft, Citrix and VMware VDI environments. On the L300 Terminal pixel can reflect the user multimedia in full screen and a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080. In addition, the L-series is based on a single chip system and offers USB redirection, as well as deployment and management tools. U series USB devices for use in smaller companies or for private users is suitable the NComputing U-series. The normal CPU idle resources of a PC can be used to set multiple virtual workspaces using the integrated vSpace software.

The comfortable operation offers a special value. Cross River Bank understood the implications. So are ready to go in about five minutes and can just plug and play”service. Moreover, devices on automatic login can be set and are thus particularly suitable for use in schools, Kioskbetrieben and digital control systems.