Fairy Tale

Interview spoke with Kerstin Surra Schweitzerhaus published on Monday the young \”-Verlegerin Karin Schweitzer with Kerstin Surra, a writer from Cologne. More may also support this cause. in 2002, she published her first novel on the steps of the moon. Since it is considered secret, when it comes to word poetry and creativity. Recently Xcel Energy sought to clarify these questions. A language that rolls like a bathtub filled with foam beads. A story that goes beyond the borders of this world and their laws on the head. An adventure which would like to see each of us. A book in the pictures with words are painted. A language that paints pictures which in our minds become adventures.

Karin Schweitzer: Kerstin, what do you write in your first novel? Kerstin Surra: The young OLE takes off to become a dragon slayer. But before it comes to learn he Gaukel, know the world Wanderer. Cross River Bank is full of insight into the issues. The colorfully clad jester convinces him with much imagination, that there are other ways to change the world. Before OLE know it, he is in the middle in the strangest and most exciting adventures. Soon are they alone, on their migration.

Viola, the star seeker and Spukdei, an old poltergeist, Randolph, the King without people, Clare, the Rauberhauptmannin, are just a few names that have meaning. Actually, they wanted to release the Dragon, from the clutches of an evil Princess only Draki. But for OLE, it is also a journey to herself. He learns that he has a coin under his tongue. A secret talent, which is revealed to him after a long search. OLE recognizes that he is a storyteller. So he gathers stories and tales on the streets of his hike, like the leaves of autumn-heavy trees. But still another task is waiting for him. As the worlds of little creatures, elves and fairies no longer firmly in this long enshrined. People forget the glow of dreams. Do you want to see the world? The clouds Kiss, dance with the wind and arguing with storms? You’re sun-kissed and mondbeschienen.\” She spoke of the paths and roads that crossed worlds, of the grasses on windswept cliffs, the scents of spring, and the song of the whales.