How To Deal The Interview Of Labour

If you are looking for employment, sooner or later you will need to deal with the job interview, and it is better that is as soon as possible. So if it is for a job to pay for your expenses or if it is to work with which has always dreamed of, there are some things that should be taken into account when presented to this job interview. Everyone knows how important that is to present well dressed at that job interview. The costume should be discreet, without striking garments. Not present with stubble or disheveled. Women should not be overly makeup. Body language says more than words. Has mastered his gestures and tics, to avoid if you have them.

Avoid also play with keys, cigarette lighter, or tap with a pen on the table. In addition to revealing his nervousness, it will cause irritation of your interviewer. In addition to his physical appearance, there are other points to consider in the job interview: 1.-inquire about the company. Before submitting to the interview you must perform an investigation into the company. Throughout the conversation, should be of manifest before your interviewer who has been interested in knowing everything relating to the company. 2 Naturalness. Display as is, do not attempt to give the appearance of what is not adopting tested poses. Be natural and at the same time, professional.

3. You can also ask. Bring a list of written questions so you don’t forget them, because you can also ask, but choose well your questions: which relate to the work that aspires. 4. Be positive. Express themselves in a positive way, use keywords, such as: challenge, experience, future, trust, collaboration, efficiency, responsibility, goals, objectives words that must be integrated into your way of being, must be sincere. 5. Do not remove the issue of wages. Let your interviewer who remove it, is displayed not eager to know how much you will pay. 6. Caution with their opinions. Do not talk badly of third parties, never criticize a co-worker although they put in tray, can be a trap. Not voice their personal opinions to the interviewer about general subjects, unless it is asked. 7.- Focus on your strengths. But without going over, don’t forget that the interviewer has your resume forward and you can verify what I say. Show your weaknesses as strengths. For example, if you ignore something that he has asked, recognize their ignorance and add: but I have great disposition to learn new things. 8. Choose your biggest flaw. Many interviewers ask what their biggest flaw. In this case, you must have something that does not harm you too. For example: do not accept projects that can not give 110%. 9 Hear well and respond. 10 Trust. Demonstrates self-confidence in his gestures, his way of speaking. Focus and well hear your caller questions, so that I may answer them on the job interview. If you need to know algotas about the process of job search, you can find here: submitted by Angel Cuevas original author and source of the article