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I advise the use of natural hidratantes with active principles that act deeply. – The natural creams the babosa base (aloe vera) has the power to penetrate the skin until its third layer. Going for the hair we know that the water is main responsible for the health and the brightness of the wires, using the liquid with the certain temperature and without all these chemistries that come in the daily pay-treated water, between them the aggressive chlorine. In accordance with its temperature, the water can provide volume if used cold and morna propitiates the action of the conditioners and creams for its good performance on wires. One has as priority number to guarantee water in house without chemistry or any risk of contamination, from the tap of its kitchen, therefore the water is life with a two body where tero is constituted of this eliminates, that for irony of the destination, the majority prioritizes the payment of the safe from o car in detriment of the security of if taking a water safe from contamination for virus and the conscientious consumption of chemistries of the treatment stations, meagering the vital agencies and ruining hair and skin. I invite it the article reading new of my authorship that aims at its well-being and of its family, mainly will enjoy it healthful and consequentemente happy a life. for tlelefone Cel. 85-8604 6980? Brazilian email, digital book 68, self-taught person, writer, article author for the Internet. Made available HaiLiving International Company of Brazil in the distribution of devices for water treatment of the highest technology, approved for the IMETRO. The author is ferrenho defender of the ecosystem.