Jackson Schneider

' ' In the strict sense, the industrial goods are total desonerados' ' , it affirmed Dyogo Enrique Oliveira, associate secretary of the Secretariat of Economic policy (SPE) of the Treasury department. Some industrial goods are produced in regions as the Zona Franca of Manaus, that already receives some type of benefit tributary. The Treasury department also decided to prorogue up to 31 of October the disinvesting of a charge of the IPI on the production of refrigerators, stoves, machines to wash and tanquinhos, products of the white line. The esteem resignation is of R$ 203 million. The sector of civil construction also was contemplated the extension of the IPI reduced for more six months, what it will cost to the public coffers other R$ 686 million. The extension longest promoted by the federal government could be felt by the consumer in the bakery. The disinvesting of a charge of the collection of the PIS/Cofins on wheat, flour of wheat and French bread will be in vigor up to 31 of December of 2010. ' ' This increases the possibility of increase of the consumption of low renda' ' , it yesterday affirmed the Secretary of the Treasury, Guido Mantega.

Measured benefited sectors comemoramAs announced by the government must guarantee in this year the growth of some of the sectors most wronged for the global crisis. The automobile industry, that almost projected fall of 4% in the sales of vehicles this year, in comparison the 2008, reviewed its expectations and already it speaks in new record, with superior results to the 2,82 million vehicles vendidos in the last year. The revision was soon announced after the announcement of the federal government to prorogue the cut of the Tax on Produtos Industrializados (IPI). Benefited for a new extension of the IPI reduced on the vehicles, the automotiva industry must close the year with record of sales, yesterday said the president of the Anfavea (association of the assembly plants), Jackson Schneider.' ' If to continue at this rate, we must have optimum year of histria' ' , it affirmed.