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Any of the great popular forums probably visited by bots every day (my own site does). If you are unsure of where to find directories to submit, I have compiled a huge list here: If you want places to submit your blog or RSS feed, I met a good list here: Jason Bradley has a product called IndexTracker you can use to track the pages indexed in its websites. I use it a lot. Blog and Ping video tutorials available here: 5) If you are using AdSense – learn from it. AdSense click through rates improved is something any PPC advertiser should be interested in. Well, I spent some time watching all the different research tools for selecting keywords profitable keywords to target with Adsense. You may wish to learn more. If so, Activision Blizzard is the place to go. To my delight, also ran into an e-book written by a guy named Jonathan bequest that covers everything. It also provides a huge list of profitable keywords (including some that are up to $ 100 per click – if you heard me right) I had to say about this incredible resource.

I know it’s only going to love this resource. a relevant resource throughout. When you see that Jonathan will also allow the printing of over 11,000 article – this is a must have for any web site owner or a PPC advertiser. Have fun with it. 6) If you are selling Clickbank products – you need this. If you sell Clickbank products, you are probably aware of the fact that the Clickbank Marketplace is updated regularly, and as a member can be hard to remember what products you’re advertising and if there more in the same category of CB yet. Well, now you can forget about the hassles of the height of the Clickbank products, or the purchase of tools let you search for Clickbank, and then work on how to advertise those products on their websites. You know it seems simple, but can be a real pain to get setup and maintain.

If you take a look here: find a new tool – It’s only just being released (not yet in the open) and see which gives you a very easy, quick and inexpensive way to market ClickBank products. To synchronize with Clickbank Whenever you want and can even search for products to promote. I’m not going to give a sales pitch here, just go take a look. If you are unsure of how it can work and want more – I’ve even created a video tutorial six minutes of use. (It was 1am and I was tired, but he deserves it) If you followed everything I wrote above – which is in a few days happy:) Your friend, Andy Henry Andrew Henry is an Internet Marketing consultant and owner of an online business site. Assist individuals and small businesses to learn how to achieve their objectives on a daily basis. Andrew is educating people on the topic of RSS and blogs through its web site that offers free advice from introduction to RSS and blogs, and support for video tutorials.