Mamor Wood

E then we come back to the question: Old I want so that you? I answer. To respect them. To be proud me of what they had made for this Brazil. For being thankful to them of the sweat and the spilled tears, in the fight daily to constitute and to support a family. For being thankful to it for existing. To ask for excuses for that today they are young impolite, but that one day they will arrive there, with its white hair. To infuriate me with this state of things, where strongest it supplants physically weakkest. Where youngest it does not respect oldest, in function of its lack of education, that for certain did not come of the familiar cradle where it was created.

E I answer. If she was not these dear people who today are with age advanced, that had one day fought a war that was not its, in the frozen fields of Italy, that they had fought a lost war, in the rubber production in the Amaznia, that had one day died in the disastrous railroad Mamor Wood, that had one day cried in full Maracan the defeat for the Uruguayans, but had cried with pride, therefore many of that were there had constructed to the greater stadium of the world, time. If it was not for these people who had initiated the automobile industry, that today manufactures bus for municipal collective transport, so that the marmanjos and the badly-educated people can be moved. That of indirect form they had contributed with its services of hand of workmanship, intellectual matrix, studies of plants and formulas, Brazil would not be what today it is. Not it demaggico and corrupt Brazil. But yes Brazil that must and will have of if being proud of the BRAZILIANS AND AGED BRAZILIANS. They them our respeitos and consideraes. Thanks a lot for existing.