Municipal School Professor Jacy

Pupil of the Course of After Graduation in Technologies of Communication and Information in Federal EAD-Univeridade of Judge of Except Polar region of Uberlndia, Teacher of the municipal net of education of Uberlndia, crowded in the Municipal School Professor Jacy de Assis. What they are TICs TIC is the abbreviation of ‘ ‘ Technology of Informao and Comunicao’ ‘. Technologies of Information and Communication (convergence between semiconductors, software, telecommunications, broadcasting, contents) Equipment and programs used for communication and access/information exchange. Example: sites of the Web, equipment of computer science (the hardware and software), telephony, kiosks of information and balconies of automatized services. 3. The advantages of the use of the computer in the Education. The profile of the pupil today of the schools you publish is total different of the profile of the pupils of the education of some decades behind.

The young brings obtains the information received in integral time through the communication medias that are accessible to all the social classrooms, considering the experiences of life of each pupil and the reality where they are inserted. Of this form, the school must search to promote the socialization, the conviviality between the pupils and these and the professor in order to stimulate the sprouting of new methods and strategies of study. Another element important if to consider is that the etria band and level of knowledge of the pupils demand professors with convenient horria load and adequate group in order to improve the learning process to identify insufficiences, lacks, to use to advantage other forms of socialization and to search ways pedagogical of overcoming them difficulties. In the attempt to facilitate to the education process/learning the education of the use of the computer in the schools was enclosed publishes of Uberlndia in the municipal net. The computer science laboratories exist since 1999 and possess computers for use of the pupils and for use of the professor, the schools count on access to the Internet, printers, to scanner, filmadora, digital, retroprojetor machine and date-show, all dedicated one to facilitate the learning..