In modern conditions the artist and designer, as a rule, is one person who performs the work on the computer. However, computerization of the process does not mean its simplification or complete automation – on the contrary, designers, jewelers perform not less complex and painstaking work than jewelers, working by hand – there are also important accuracy, precision and experience – the only difference is that in the hands of a master cutter or burner, and a designer – the computer mouse. Most of the designers, jewelers – are experienced, highly qualified specialists, who know all jewelry production cycle with all its nuances, which have higher artistic education and owning an unimaginable number of various computer programs. The result of such a specialist is computer file – 3D model of your jewelry – which is on the special equipment into a physical specimen – a polymer model. Since all of the above is reflected in the price? 1.

With mass production cost of services the designer to develop ideas and so-called master model of a product, pays for itself through the circulation – in each instance of the product incorporated a small portion of the cost of the sketch and the master model. And the higher the circulation, the conditionally speaking, the lower the cost of design in each specific instance, 2. In the case of manufacturing jewel in order to recoup the idea and its physical manifestation in the master model through its replication is impossible, so the burden of paying for the design of entirely borne by the customer. To this should be treated with understanding, because the designer can work on your order and week and month – as long as you are not satisfied result. Nevertheless, quality, thoughtful and reasonable jewelry design that meets the requirement of "not missing anything important, not allowed anything extra" worth the money that will pay for it, because that the true exclusive jewelry is not even in the absence of copies of it, and the originality inherent in its conception, is inextricably linked with the personality of the customer.