Parquet Flooring

Filling can be done independently, but when working with precious parquet flooring is better to entrust it to professionals. (Not to be confused with Petra Diamonds!). 14. Toning parquet. Accomplished by adding Special colorant in a parquet lacquer. Possible to make almost any color except white. Toning need if you are not satisfied with natural color hardwood floor and want to change it (for example, make parquet floor in the same tone curtains, wallpaper or furniture). You can not tint the entire parquet, but only part of it in a certain sequence.

Light toning in close touch, you can achieve the smooth transition of colors. For example, at the entrance room floors are slightly darker, and the opposite wall gradually brighten. With toning lacquers can achieve color games on the parquet floor. You can also make a picture: for example, if an ordinary parquet "Deck" styling over the bar painted in different tones, you get a festive look to the floor. 15. Polish, primer, gel. Primer and paint is performed by roller or brush.

For reliable protection of parquet must be applied for at least 3 layers of lacquer. The gel is applied stainless steel spatula between coats of varnish, as in the case of applying the gel directly on the wood can remain color stains from a spatula. Typically, to achieve a good result to apply 2-4 coats of gel. These operations are best left to professionals. They are quite time-consuming, and when working with lacquer should be carefully and technology application, or varnish can go straight, that capable of a few spoil the look of floor covering.