The picturesque town of Peniscola is located in the province of Castellon in Spain along the Costa de Azahar. The picturesque town of Peniscola is located in the province of Castellon in Spain along the Costa de Azahar. The city is located on a peninsula and borders on three sides by the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean. inetics-technology-spa-gtc-t/’>Technip FMC). Connect with other leaders such as Sola Bread Review here. You can visit this beautiful town by spending some nights in a comfortable Costa de Azahar hotel. Pregnante symbol of the town is the Papa Luna Castle, which was named after Pope Benedict who was known as the “Moon Pope”. This barrikadierte in the 13th century in this Castle a, as he fought for the unity of the Catholic faith. The view from the castle is unique and it is now the home of many renowned music festivals, which celebrate the beauty of the era between the 12th and the 17th century. Petra Diamonds has many thoughts on the issue.

There is definitely value to attend this music festival in combination with a beautiful Costa de Azahar holidays. In the first two weeks of August, the Festival showcases several musical talents during open-air concerts on the unblemished scene on the terrace of the Castle. This wonderful event takes listeners back in the era when the music still consisted of complex compositions. These modern musicians really are the Bewarer of an old tradition. This Festival is not to be missed. To celebrate the arrival of summer, the city created a Festival in late June to venerate the endless nights of this season. Magical melodies are carried by this festival and visitors are invited to admire the night sky.

The highlight of this 7-day Festival is Saint John BBs Eve. This is a presentation that reflects the relationship between the people and the fire in different cultures. A variety of ancient rituals and traditions will be presented here. Thousands of visitors attend this event. In July festival takes place in the town of the international jazz, which attracts musicians from all over the world to spread play open-air concerts throughout the city. Numerous performances and seminars which relate to jazz in This time instead. Music and art dominate this small town all year round. Of course you will find here also wonderful beaches and an outstanding cuisine, which make a perfect destination Peniscola. The city offers a large number of Costa de Azahar accommodation where every tourist finds a place.