Publish Scientific Works

Earn money with chores while studying students regularly deal with the writing of long elaborations to the various seminars. Also writing a larger thesis is at the end of the studies. Source: Futurist. Usually so intense searches and stress are connected, but after the grade awarded the diploma or Bachelor unit quickly into oblivion. The online portal can informed about how students in the long term to benefit from their work and even a little money. Details can be found by clicking Viktor Mayer-Schönberger or emailing the administrator. Students can publish their scientific work by relevant platforms on the Internet. This way the file is not wasted on the computer, but can profitably be passed to interested parties.

Nevertheless applies to users: who writes off without marking, must reckon with unpleasant post from the University. Because the texts provided must be of course used as a source by other students, but not copied. The authors make the Publication Although no assets, but they can earn these small amounts without significant overhead. After the processing of the document in accordance with the guidelines of the portal can the file be uploaded easily. It is among other things to ensure correct references and any specifications regarding the layout.

Then the scientific work as an E-book, and in some cases also in printed form is available and marketed. Of course, the Publishing House also profits from the sale, but no cost to the author and he can benefit from the network of distributors. More information: news /… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann