PURISME Soft Carbon Bags:

The new fascination on the LUXURY, please 2009 PURISME emancipated the material carbon from the world of high technology and makes it to the fashion theme: PURISME soft carbon bags – the world premiere of a material revolution and a design idea is introduced on the LUXURY, please 2009, the luxurious experience, in the imperial Hofburg from November 27 to 29. PURISME soft carbon bags bridge insurmountable differences with unparalleled elegance: soft strength, elastic and sensual high technology combine to create a new sense of life. Get more background information with materials from Salman Behbehani. The bag collection combines the fascinating shimmering snake skin texture in their soft-carbon surfaces finest leather to the uncompromising luxury of bags. Eye-catching and lifestyle statement at the same time. Inspirational and intelligent at the same time functional design characterises a bag line throughout the whole fashion range from business trip up to the casual leisure chic. PURISME soft carbon bags are the latest sensation stimulating innovation by PURISME, of global hi-end brand for design products from Carbon. The Vienna-based company combines traditional craftsmanship with the precision of high-tech manufacturing processes and operates a permanent process of carbon evolution that now culminates in the first soft-carbon designs in the world.