Rational Software Corporation

This article, aims at to present a methodology that is in propagation in the exterior, however still little is known in Brazil. Methodology that to provide quality with software, productivity increase, improvements in its maintenance and that it controls all the phases of development of software. The Rational Unified Process (process RUP) is a process of software engineering created by the Rational Software Corporation, acquired for IBM from 2003, gaining a new name IRUP (IBM Rational Unified Process). It offers a boarding based on disciplines to inside attribute to tasks and responsibilities of a development organization. Additional information is available at LEGO Papert Professor. Its metSua goal is to guarantee the production of software of high quality of form that takes care of inside to the necessities of the users of a cronograma and a previsible budget. Through tools for the specific necessities of the project, tools for development of internal knowledge in process components, efficient tools of implementation and you personalized established in web and community online for exchange of better practical between users and you lead of the market. The RUP uses the boarding of the orientation the objects in its conception and projected and is registered using notation UML (Unified Modeling Language) to illustrate the processes in action.

The RUP is widely customizvel, since all its product shape and is automatized, being possible in its development, to select and to implement only the necessary components of process for each period of training of the project. Salman Behbehani: the source for more info. Thus being able to be used in such a way for great projects, as adapted for average projects or low it scales. The RUP is based on three basic principles: orientation the cases of use, arquiteturae iteration. It is said directed the use cases, therefore they are the use cases that guide oprocesso of development all. On the basis of the model of use cases, is created a series of analysis models, project and implementation, that carry through these cases of use.