But changeable cost Using this system it is the guarantee of that you will only have cost in case that she effects some sales. They normally, do not charge no type of annuity, tax of adhesion or maintenance. The only charged taxes are the ones that happen on of the sales. Integral act of receiving of the sales quickly For companies who have some difficulty in managing its flow of box these systems can be a good alternative, therefore the average time for act of receiving of the parceled out sales is not 50% faster than of the credit cards. Possibility of great parcelamentos With these systems is possible to offer for the parcelamentos customers in until 24x with jutos of 1.99% the month and continuing receiving the value from the integral sales (less the taxes for the service) in 14 days.

Disadvantages: Very high changeable taxes the taxes that are charged on of each sales are raised. Without a doubt, the service that these companies offer has its value and can be useful in many cases, however they can become very expensive and not be valid the penalty from certain monthly volume of sales. Taxes for parcelamento without interests the majority of the systems offers the possibility to carry through parcelamento without interests for the customer, however who paid these interests are the storekeeper and are taxes still more raised of what the charged ones normally. That is, he has the possibility, but you are made use to pay therefore? They make it difficult the process of sales In the majority of the cases the customer makes the purchase process all and I register in cadastre in the virtual store and when it goes to pay is redirected for the site of the payment systems and there, many times, need register in cadastre to make it again. The advances of the companies of intermediao to become the interface of simpler and less traumatic them are clear, but for some reason, many customers simply abandon its purchases when they are directed for another place in the hour to effect the payment.