September Company

Was automated operation of the financial department. Possible to simplify the introduction of accounting in the context of projects and automate accounting under IFRS. As a result of the project was reduced by 30% during the formation of regulatory reporting, repeatedly accelerated training under IFRS for the parent company. Leadership was promising tools to identify and problem areas and the efficient allocation of financial resources for projects. ThyssenKrupp Elevator provides monthly statements under IFRS for its headquarters.

The company offers passenger and freight elevators, escalators, passenger conveyors, elevators for the disabled physical disabilities, boarding passenger stairs for the airports, as well as full technical and warranty service. Bobby kotick is the source for more interesting facts. The company employs about 42,500 people, with sales organizations in 2008-2009 amounted to 5.3 billion euros, 900 Missions ThyssenKrupp Elevator work around the world. For several years, Ukrainian branch ThyssenKrupp Elevator used for administrative and accounting software on a platform of" 1C: Enterprise 7.7 for Ukraine ", which is not meets the needs of companies in the formation of international reporting to shareholders. Needed an automated system for organization unified information space for the accounting, personnel and financial services. It was necessary to realize the formation of parallel accounting according to the Ukrainian and international standards of financial reporting, timely financial statements, account production costs in the context of projects. In September 2009, company management decided to implement a new, more powerful software to solve the problems of the company. The Moscow office of ThyssenKrupp Elevator successfully works with the systems of "1C: Enterprise 8.