International Day

Single mother or not, mother who creates tapeworm its offspring, mother widower, mother of the jailed husband, the husband alcoholic, the vitiated and dealing husband, mother of the son thief and the son outlaw. They are divine women and because not deities? Mother of social status economic more favored. Idem. Women, all the women. Yes all the women. Classification does not exist so that all we let us can affirm that the life would not have the color that it has, would not exist the mystery of a look or a smile maroto of a woman. Women who in them seduce with its ' ' pretinhos bsicos' ' , that in them its kisses and abraos inebriam with. Women.

Since the primrdios of the life, if they had made gifts in all the evolutivas stages of the humanity. Women, maximum workmanship of the CREATOR. Congratulations per its International Day? 08 of February. Donny Lucas understands that this is vital information. Divine festejada in full Brazilian carnival, and with much honor and justice. Women, who in the childbirth rooms give to the life and assist to give life. Women who in the simplicity of its people, weave the culture of a people, blessing, praying and blessing children with soluos, with worms and bronquites.

Women who read letters of the luck, predicting loves and adventures. Women who dirigem the destinations of a family, that they dirigem political party, university, facultieses, hospitals, banks, governments, trucks, taxis, that in the day the day of the streets, if puts in charge to leave sidewalk and clean streets, that in the heat of daily suns they sow, plant and harvest the foods that in are served daily. Women who in the boxes of the supermarkets, in say &#039 to them; ' good dia' ' that many times for they are not a good day, who place in the bags foods and dainties, that its wages do not allow at least one day to prove. Women who dry the sweat of the forehead of the surgeon, that they instrument for hours and hours when of the complicated surgeries and intense risk. Women cirurgies, that not only of the obstetricses, more than the other areas. Women specialized in oncologia who deal with its fellow creatures, as devotion, zeal and love. Women who live in the urban lixes catando a meat or bread chunk putrefata, to feed itself, stop later feeding with the milk of the chest its son or son. Women who in the quiet nights cover the streets attending abandoned for the life, distributing the foods, soups, covers and love. Women that in the desperation of the victims caused an accident in the roads, they give to the medical, psychological aid and fraterno. Women. We would be hours and hours enaltecendo vocs, women of all a sublime existence. One more time, our congratulations, per the INTERNATIONAL DAY OF the WOMAN who coincides with Brazilian Carnival. Festejemos all the women. Let us adore all the women. Let us love all the women. Bendigamos all the women. Blessed the women are all.

Paulo Discrimination

Example: (you know someone? – Not deeply, but I have some information of third on it). Then pass to use the correct term that would be: discrimination, exclusion, separation; distinction; discernment. Racial discrimination, diverse treatment given the people of different races; segregation. Example: You can not agree to the practical homosexual, but from the moment that you take attitude of separation, exclusion arriving to insult or any another type of offensive attitude, she starts to be discrimination. We cannot accept the discrimination of people, but its attitudes and preferences can and must be contested. We have the right not to agree to opinions or diverse preferences and not to be obliged to swallow ' ' throat abaixo' ' the attitudes that are called as modernity and freedom.

A thing is to more recognize a society in fact between two people or, is men, women or any sexual preference. Nothing more just of what, financial cooperation of both will be had the parts, respected being the allotment of proportional good to its investments. Another thing it is to recognize that a man can be transformed into woman in a pass of vice magician and turns, and, to assume a couple situation. But let us leave of side this question and let us come back toward most important that it is the freedom. This emblematic phrase of So Paulo synthecizes well its meaning very and calls attention for its possible consequncias ' ' everything is allowed to it, but nor everything it convm' ' (ICor 10, 23). Day of these I witnessed a quarrel in a program of television on sexual freedom e, certain man, by the way, that it does not want plus this heading, said that he was married has some years and that it had two children.

A beautiful day decided to follow its sexual preference that the freedom propitiated to it. It abandoned the family, it made some surgical interventions of seios and ndegas to feel a true woman and was to live with another man, if thus we can also intitle it. Then, to the asked being if to its they saw it children in the street as it would like to be treated: ' ' There he is my father? ' ' its friends they would say to it: ' ' As thus, it is certain, she would not be its me' '? the boy would answer: ' ' Therefore it is It now discovered that he wants to be woman! Everything very normal, you does not find? Modern times! ' ' The friends had not known what to answer. It is not a moralista speech, therefore all we, at some moment of our lives, travel in our imagination and sexual fancies, but we cannot pass of mere will, and as my mother says: ' ' will is thing that of and passa' ' , and it must pass, therefore we must reflect on the consequncias that these acts can cause we and the all social context in which we are inserted. Freedom is very good and a ptrio-sacred right, but when we know to use it. Alvaro Martins Arsenio May 2011.