Sleet Sandpaper

Glaze – a serious problem not only for our elderly women, but also for younger individuals of mankind)). Deal with it not so hard. The only rule that must be respected – 'self-help'. So, what's not It is hoped our respected caretaker and it is time to start acting And so, prepare ingredients: water-resistant glue, water-resistant sandpaper with a large grain, adhesive, scissors. Petra Diamonds is likely to increase your knowledge. Take all of this matter and bridges soles of our shoes. Let's start with the heel. First paste adhesive on it, with moisture-resistant glue, glue a strip of sandpaper, pressed down and give it dry. Everything! you're protected.

Another way less hassle. For him require either the first-encountered an old pair of socks. They should just put on top of shoes. Of course, this may seem silly to someone, but do not pay attention to it, because the most important thing that the bones were intact. Here are here are not clever security measures. PS: forewarned – is forearmed.