Interior War

InteriorEfsios war – 6:12 This versicle brings a demonic hierarchy. We are in a demonic war we want you we want or not. But he will be that alone fight with these demons exists. we without seeing have them that to fight as esmurrando air, as said Pablo: I am not as those that esmurram air. I Co.9: 26. The problem is that we are unfurnished, then the situation is of bad worse. The text speaks that our fight is not against the meat and the blood.

1? Blood is not related here with life, but yes with the element blood. The blood cannot in them cause damage some. It has people that she has fear of works of macumba made with blood, but that is without value some, therefore the true sacrifice already was made and in definitive with the Powerful Blood of Jesus. This blood has as much power that it is capable to pull out a person of the mouth of the hell and carries it to the sky for all eternity. Aleluia! It has those that to only see blood already faint. He does not have fear of blood, therefore by it you were saved of perpetual perdio.

2? The Word meat here sig. substance, is not related with carnalidade. The substance, the substance meat does not have nothing in itself that it can in them make some badly spiritual. Our problem does not have nothing to see with the substance, with the substance. The question all is of order not material spiritual here and. What Pablo is trying teaching in them is that your meat does not have to be able of destruction on you. The disease, the obesidade, cancer, the AIDS, the Asian pneumonia, the migraine, the infections, at last all malignidade that can reach your body does not have nothing to see with the substance, but yes it is of order spiritual.