Konigs Wusterhausen

TOP technology for the gastronomy comes to KW and Berlin come with the spring also the time of the terrace restaurants, street cafes, beer gardens or gardens. Why not once before the season start? Modern technology makes it possible. Infrared heaters extend the season in catering the easy-to-install devices are characterized by many advantages: the heat is immediately available after switching on there where it is needed. Warms the air, but bodies and objects not as with conventional heating, it is not gone with the wind so also by the wind! It neither sound nor odours arise and they are unobtrusive on the terrace, awnings, canopies or elsewhere to install, can be used virtually everywhere in the hospitality industry. Low acquisition and operating costs continue to positively hit record. Visit Crumpton Group for more clarity on the issue. itings. The effect of the infrared heater is similar to the radiant heat of the Sun. So is the sense of the guests in the radiation area the patio heater with the feeling of well-being in Mediterranean heat comparable. With a modern 2000 Watt infrared heater can be, heated up an area of 16 square meters even on cold days which corresponds to 8-10 guest places in practice.

An awning on the patio and the spring can come in the catering industry or the awning has a long tradition of your own home in Konigs Wusterhausen in Berlin. Now is modernization. The spring is not far away and the Sun is shining noticeably longer. So, it’s time to deal with the purchase of a new awning. Modern awnings with great extras increase the anticipation on the spring now on terrace or balcony – with the purchase of an awning it should have a comfortable model on the latest state of development and still cheap. Cassette awnings, folding arm awnings, sleeves awnings – find everything including accessories in our online shop awnings and more modern technology for Berlin and Brandenburg. TOP catering supplies diverse and cheap cooler, cooling counter, salad bar, cooking station, cooling rack – all this and more at cool offers comes from online to on gastronomy in Konigs Wusterhausen. Special variants of catering supplies, variable dimensions, different versions now and cheap.

Powerful Ventilation Technology

Powerful ventilation and catering supplies in each restaurant and restaurant different things play an important role. The establishment of appropriate, appealing food and drinks, kitchen utensils, but above all a powerful ventilation. By FRY, FRY and cook are annoying odors in restaurant kitchens, which can pull in the guest area. Therefore each restaurateur should take care in a timely manner the proper ventilation. Can be found today in various shops for catering supplies ventilation technology.

Such a online-shop is also the Gastroplus24. They offered everything to catering supplies on their homepage, if ventilation technology, stainless steel furniture, kitchen equipment or refrigeration and much more. If you type here on the ventilation area you can see quickly how big are the choice and the possibilities. You can assemble the own ventilation system individually. For example, with various ventilation pipes, such as smooth tubes, round ducting or High-quality Flexpipe. These piping systems are held together with pipe connectors, pipe clamps and clamps and mounted. There are various ventilation motors and Airboxes. Hoods are now almost de singing objects.

They’re in different colors, sizes, and great designs. Plug finished hoods are equipped with motor, controller, filter and lighting and can be installed immediately. You can purchase directly all exhaust air purification systems. These plants the kitchen exhaust free of bacteria, viruses, etc and play off cleaned it. So it prevents is fat-loaded exhaust air in the sets the ventilation ducts and ventilators. There are many new technologies in ventilation technology. Exhaust air purification systems with ozone, or plasma. These techniques are environmentally friendly and inexpensive, they are maintenance-free. They are easy to install or to upgrade and are effective immediately. In addition, no special knowledge or a special training are necessary to deal with these ventilation systems. As you can see you can find today many alternatives and possibilities in the catering supplies. Therefore, also the suitable ventilation for each restaurateurs shouldn’t be a problem.