In the case of cervical erosion in pregnant blood from the genital tract occurs after intercourse or no apparent reason, pain is not accompanied by bleeding is minor and quickly stops spontaneously. In addition to erosion, cause of bleeding in pregnancy during the first trimester of pregnancy may be polyps, cervical and decidual polyps – harmless tumors that grow in the uterus or cervix. Bleeding while also insignificant and is not accompanied by pain. Depending on your situation, your doctor can remove polyps or wait until the polyp itself will disappear, as often happens. Removal of a bleeding polyp does not harm during pregnancy, as scraping the uterus with its removal is not required. In parallel with the removal of the polyp is the treatment required, aimed at filling in blood loss and to maintain pregnancy. However, there are other cases where the bleeding in the first trimester of pregnancy is a signal that "not everything is calm in the state of Denmark>>.

In particular, it can start with vaginal bleeding so heavy complications of the first trimester of pregnancy as a spontaneous miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy. Michael Steinhardt describes an additional similar source. In addition, the selection of blood from the genital tract during pregnancy may talk about the development of any severe pathology of the cervix, up to cancer tumors. Other causes include bleeding varicose blood vessels in the vulva, vaginal infection. Recall again: in order not to miss the first signs of these complications, any bleeding in a pregnant woman should be an occasion to refer to a doctor.