Asian Techniques

There are many people who seek help to quit smoking and do not want to access the laser or pharmacological treatments for various reasons. Fortunately, the ancient Asian techniques are also used in the Western world and are perfect to get rid of bad habits and other ailments. Acupuncture is based on the application of needles in certain nerve centers of the body to stimulate the flow of energy. This fabulous technique is currently used as one of the methods to quit more effective and less invasive. He has re-edited to achieve this end with excellent proven results and a very high in the majority of patients satisfaction. Once you have decided to seek help to quit smoking, if you opted for this ancient technique, is important to well advise about will be like therapy and how patient will reach goals like quitting smoking definitely.

During the sessions of these treatments for quitting smoking, will be placed approximately twenty needles in several key centres of the Agency, to ensure that the patient significantly decrease their levels of anxiety, and therefore abandon the habit of smoking. The sessions of acupuncture patients stop smoking duran, in general terms, about thirty minutes and are set, at least for four weeks. In comparison with the other methods, it is much more economical, taking into account the relationship between cost and effectiveness. It is a technique that works for virtually all ailments, but mostly for those such as smoking that generate a very high State of anxiety. If the patient wanted to, you could decide to complement it with another type of natural therapies, also generally linked to oriental medicine, such as the Bach flower therapy.