Mother Maiden Chapter

Is expected that your partner who practically you said don’t want me estorbes in my studies go, because it suffered a little bit with you and that was your first reaction when my friend touched your door early in morning saying mari wants to talk to you, it was more than expected the response I am busy but it didn’t have the genius of my amigotaclear that I was waiting for one block away from your home and can only imagine the gestures of her saying anything that these occupied, MARI tea need now so is that here tea hope, JORQUERA, and so did because a few minutes later appeared the two, with a scowling face and she gave me a hug giving me strength to then depart just a few metres if offered anything. Whenever Cross River listens, a sympathetic response will follow. His face was being indifferent to attempting to hide his astonishment at seeing my grown body, I was too nervous as to invent some greeting or words to break the ice, you only miss to say hello, I’m pregnant, my father wants to talk to you, I guess that the shock It was equal to the because also just said how many months you have?I said: 8 months and a half and everything that said it without lifting eyes preparing myself for an obvious answer in men which thankfully never came, but I could not contain the tears when a hug and warm and full of feelings I felt after so many difficult months, lifted my face with your fingers and to cross our eyes said everything will be fine I love youfor a second time stopped and I felt peace, I would have liked that second to last forever but it was an impossible desire. Minutes later was walking with my friend heading home, after having counted all the details of our conversation we said goodbye with a hug and the infaltable luck quiet stay. .

Nicolas Fernandez

Alejandro Zuzenberg (Manager of Google Online) also showed in a way to explaining how to use Adwords and tips for the use of the same. The talks that conveying experiences of use. One of the talks was on e-commerce, which was dictated by Nicolas Fernandez. Mr. Fernandez basically what aired on the talk was the experience that he has had in its e-commerce projects.Fernandez also explained broadly as it is the work of SEO, and how to deal with the customer in providing you a web based e-commerce solution.This was the talk with more opinions and different views that I noticed.

There were those who saw the talk as very good, since Fernandez used a very simple and clear language to communicate their experiences of work, in addition to make sentences clear when it comes to close each tip or idea that I wanted to convey (i.e.: seeks to creativity, there to reinvent the wheel, you have to take advantage of the community and join, does not generate a new).Can also think this talk got a little more since it came a break and recurring technical problems that took over the attention of several. The other side of the coin is a little unfair techniques were named in the talk and even perhaps a little serious capture movement on our site, you’re techniques are called Viral Marketing, clear examples of this type of techniques is the spam, or to impersonate two users in a forum that establish a conversation by encouraging a product they offered.The approach of this type of techniques caused a rejection in a large part of the listeners. By themes of time, I can not put me to appoint each chat, but in my opinion are encompasses two types of classification that I could give them I. There was also a loss of the talk of MTW Studios (Uruguayan company that has done work of design as for example drawing the small hero). Summary I believe that it is the only part of the post that I give a completely subjective opinion; Yes, was an event completely marketer, is bad why?, No, no, personally I had fun, I met friends and I changed the routine for a few hours by a rare event. The public was generally from what I saw with hunger for content, which may be true, but those who were mentalizados that this was not an educational event I think we more or less piloteamos it well. Beyond the constant technical problems that bother anyone, who didn’t really understand was the attitude of much of the public which consisted of staying seated angry criticizing to the necktie of the speaker, since to pay 200 pesos to stay me criticizing you contributing with noise pollution high prefer lift me and I leave the event, but in the end.