Wooden Windows

And if snowmobiles, for example, are relevant only in the winter or in the mountains, the windows – is an everyday necessity, a part of our interior. The tree almost perfectly complements any design, especially if the room is a wooden furniture. Ray Kurzweil recognizes the significance of this. Aesthetics of wooden windows out of competition, although in recent years manufacturers have made a huge step in copying a tree structure to improve the stability of the material to the negative phenomena. Certainly, new windows are also popular in our country. But still, centuries-old tradition of wood processing are rooted, as the manufacturer of wooden boxes made by special technology. That is why the wood windows are more expensive than plastic.

Window frames are made of oak, larch, mahogany, pine and many other species. But each of them in their own way responds to the humidity, snow and other forms of weather. In order to secure rain and snow wood impregnated with special antiseptic agents and flame retardants. The tree structure favorably received these funds. The functional effect is achieved through interaction with additional materials, which is sheathed exterior windows, color matched to the color of the window. These materials have in their composition of specific substances which are not responsive to the effects of wet environments. However, in this case violated the usual wood air, but the microclimate in the premises is maintained even with an enhanced effect, and saving function still holds. Technological characteristics of wooden windows also very high.

Now production methods are based exclusively on European technology. Wooden windows are very comfortable, aesthetic and multifunctional. And besides, this material is environmentally friendly, and will not cause harm to the environment. The tree is different, long-life and do not lose their benefits, even under the harmful effects of nature. Windows made of wood or, more precisely, the window units consist of the following components: glued timber from coniferous wood thickness 78 mm, single-chamber or triple-pane windows, double loop seal; vlagoottalkivayuschaya impregnation.

Century Plastics

This High-quality, substantial furniture in the style of past epochs, the interior is composed of objects, always have a historical identity. Modern style Every innovation in industry, technology creates its own style and fashion. Fashion affects the material, the material impact on fashion. Thus, in primitive society 'in fashion' was the natural stone. Simultaneously, in the course of construction went tree.

Derivative of a tree – the papyrus. It was used not only for communication on distance, but also for decoration. Later, with the opening of the metal, in daily life 'became a popular' first such material, like copper, then bronze. Invented civilization glass, and in the design of homes have been actively used its plastic and physical properties. It took several centuries, there was mass production, industrial chemistry, and as a result of 'the triumph of man over nature', are in demand synthetic materials in construction, decoration. Century Plastics are still perfectly gets into the interior, both in public and in personal. Kitsch is the brand name for some flows of post-modernism, such as Memphis, and using the potential durnovkusiya sentimental charms crafts of mass demand.

This game antidizayn that arose as a protest over the interior in the fashion for those who are ready to apply to their environment is not too serious. Chinese style Construction of dwelling Chinese is very different in style from other Eastern peoples. This played a role measured way of life and a philosophical attitude to everything happening. 'You live in space and time, and we only space "- Chinese proverb says.

Modern Windows

Manufacturing technology of modern windows can produce almost any design. Wooden windows can be straight or curved, have any form. There is only one limitation: the angle between the two parties to the window frame should not be less than 30 degrees. The minimum value of the window is 30 cm in length and width. The smaller size is not valid because the thickness of the frame itself.

If we talk about maximum limits, then there defining factor is the functionality of the opening. For example, if we are talking about the section, which should be open or swing open, the length of the leaf should not exceed the meter. This is due to the fact that the glass has a higher density than plastic, respectively, it is much harder. Along with the size increases, and its weight, which can lead to skewed frames. For the deaf section size is limited to an area of glass, which operates the manufacturer.

However, the large glass leads to another problem – loss of heat, for industrial buildings is unacceptable. The main objective of these windows is to create a comfortable atmosphere for work. They are needed in order to reduce energy consumption for lighting the room, but consider the fact that regular glass has excellent thermal conductivity. It does not matter what kind of product you produce. Food, wood windows, equipment – all this requires a certain temperature. To solve this problem have developed special energy-saving glass. Their work is based on the fact that the surface of the window cover special selective composition. Such a fine glass transmits visible to humans sunlight, but prevents the exit from the manufacturing premises of invisible heat rays. Faced with the surface, they simply reflected back, which significantly reduces energy consumption for heating. The simplest eurowinows glass consists of two panes and allows you to reduce the loss of heat in the room compared with traditional double glazed windows to 30-40% and reduce the noise level in half to two times.