Trade Union Life

By: Jose Sarzi Amade and Leonor Taiano Campoverde the theatrical dialogue of a staircase as the main characters have two childhood friends: Fernando and Urbano. These two friends live from small in the building going up and down the same staircase that is the principal witness of their lives. Fernando represents the individualistic character, such as Urbano comes from a proletarian home, however his character tends more to the intellect than to the rudeness of the mechanical works. His intellect and his top intelligence induce him to be extremely individualistic and somewhat selfish, because they think that the only way to make progress is counting on himself and advancing only. Fernando wants to climb, climb in life, but knows that you to leave the squalor they live both the as Urbano is necessary to walk alone: I do not think anything, I just want to upload do understand? Upload! And let this squalor in which we live. Urban, represents the conscious of its popular origins character, knows that the union is strength from a social situation like yours.

For Urban, Fernando is a wretched, a snobbish who thinks only scaling because despite being aware of its origin low, is considered superior to others for their intellectual tendencies and think about your individual progress disregarding the concept of mass. Fernando, you’re a wretched. And the worst thing is that you don’t know. The poor Devils like us will never improve life without mutual aid, and that is the Trade Union. Solidarity! That is our word. And it would be yours if you dieses account you’re not more than a sad tacky. But how you think a Marquis! The character of Fernando, represents the immobile intellectual, the individual self-absorbed in their intellectual ability that makes him feel superior to others, that has no capabilities to perform mechanical work, or to adapt to the life of mass, but at the same time cannot start any project in your life because it lacks the impetus that contain proletarians.