Coffee Machines And Coffee Grinders – A Guarantee For Finest Treat

The coffee market is booming around the world, but how is the coffee ever made? The traditional filter coffee is made of not overly roasted beans. A coffee grinder was used previously, which was operated with the hand crank. The advantage was that the essential oils have been preserved and thus much more aromas released was, as coffee ground when ready. By pouring in a porcelain filter coffee was washed with hot water and it took some time until the water was gone through. Solved the aromas but hardly bitter substances, so that the filtered coffee is very easy to digest. Use a porcelain filter also ensured that the coffee cooled down too much and it went over a metallic taste to the coffee. But even coffee filters made of plastic can distort the flavor of filter coffee. Yes, at that time the coffee production was much more complicated than just push that the knob of the espresso maker.

This filter method is today, especially in the United States and Northern Europe is still widely used. In South America, mainly instant coffee is drunk, which seems strange to many Europeans, involved a large part of the coffee crop in South and Central America. In Asia, they traditionally drink tea, as well as in Argentina or Uruguay, and Brazil, as the mate tea is the drink of the people. If you are but for espresso, Cafe solo, excited latte macchiato etc, you not get a good machine around. Companies such as Stoll espresso have specialized purposes in coffee, for coffee grinders and coffee and espresso machines. The espresso was invented at the beginning of the 20th century in Milan. This coffee has been sold only in bars on the counter and produced with steam under pressure. The term Expresso is not used, by the way, at least not in Germany and Italy.