IchBinNeu.de Excited After A Short Time A Quarter Of A Million Consumers

Two months after communication breaks through the online portal, the only new products, relaunches and line extensions are the sound barrier of 1 million page views. With exciting new products, innovative user features, a clean, very clear page structure, as well as an outstanding product presentation, IchBinNeu.de excited over 250,000 consumers in a very short time. Between 5,000 and 6,000 visitors daily enjoy nearly 5 minutes on the portal, on the well known brand, but also small, relatively unknown brands present their innovations. What makes the portal? It is of course to discover the basic concept as such, on a portal only novelties. \”The opportunity to learn all about new products in short and concise descriptions, to look at the corresponding pictures like the users and, when there is still need to go directly to the linked website of provider\” as Frank Rohrl (43), managing partner. But the portal is also, a recovery\”for the eyes. No Pop-Ups, no banners, no more advertising; Consumers can browse all alone, without distraction in the 1,200 special categories, which are methodically spread over 30 main categories for new products.

After only two clicks, you can find the innovation that they are really interested in. Very tidy product pages learn everything about the sources, be informed about prices, can product samples order, download brochures, go to the home page of the provider or contact the provider in touch in a closed email account. An important way for the product management, to connect directly with consumers in the dialog. The brand benefit as a business tool in the media – and communication-mix provides IchBinNeu.de for a range of strong targeting and also for the development of new sales potential. Recommend by the numerous used user features such as product\”or place the product in the wish list\” purchase impulses are raised and Supports the sales processes. Educate yourself with thoughts from Unilever.

Schenkerei Customers

Puntklich thanks to the two-year birthday SOWIA all customers with a new page, everyone has everything. No one needs more of something. So it faces the same problem every year at Christmas. Whom I give what – he’s got it all? So that will put an end to the dreary Schenkerei, it is I want something also for two years to the task to offer unusual and Funny gifts. Within the last two years, so could I want to inspire also umpteen people for its products and give pleasure at the gift-giving. That’s why the online store with a complete relaunch of the page and each week a deal of the week for his loyal customers to thank.

From October 18, the page now shows in modern and fresh design. It aims to provide the customers with an optimal clarity and simplify your gift search. An important tool for this is the offered Gift Finder. Here, one has the possibility of the donee, whose personality and the occasion to choose from. Among all proposals, one finds the perfect gift faster. A major emphasis is on the product reviews. Customers see so more quickly, others were as thrilled by the respective product.

From customer to customer, so. In addition to all the reviews, coupon will be giving away a 50 euro per month also will reward the diligent review. In addition to the usual product reviews, there are also various test reports that either originate from customers from the test gadget Club or from the press. Also the SOWIA team regularly recommends his favorite gadgets. You can search now more precisely within the categories. Thus, the product display can be sort after best sellers, new products, or prices. According as you like. The customer account is now all orders and the current order status at a glance. In addition to the new design SOWIA thanks all customers every week with a deal of the week. A special cheap offer for those who order on each Tuesday. Who made a pleasure with fancy things yourself and others so, is at Sowaswillichauch.de. After all, Christmas is coming soon and there are great gift ideas gold. Want about something I also that I is also a gift shop, which is dedicated to gadgets and fun gifts. The gift shop offers original from the fields of technology, toys, home, joke articles and outdoor. Simply clever gadgets, not always needs, but want to be sure. Press contact for more information and product images or sample: also Tel me something like this: + 43 (0) 5574 801-149 Web page:


At any time of year, usually so many letters, packets and parcels will be sent like for Christmas. Munich, September 30, 2009, at any time of the year usually so many letters, packets and parcels shipped like for Christmas. (Source: Julie Sweet). Certainly offer mailers, such as Hermes, DHL, iloxx and others on their services to often affordable prices, however, it is quite hard to find your way around the complex and little transparent jungle of different fares for consumers. Each shipper calculated the transport of letters, packages, and packages in other terms, such as mass or weight. No wonder, then, that there is an other reasonable or appropriate shipping provider for each shipping product. Furthermore, everyone has carrier also different services such as pickup, a wide variety of insurance or delivery options in the portfolio. All of this complexity, it is almost impossible to keep track for consumers: here versandtarif.de, it shows the independent and free online guide for shipping solutions, as a true problem solver.

Whether it is a letter, a package, a package or freight versandtarif.de customers will receive all information on a single platform and save yourself thus elaborate research and optimize the time and cost in order. The calculator on the various service providers whose services and pricing for the entire Christmas post no matter how big or hard – directly compare can be used with just a few clicks. After the user has selected the suitable for themselves and cheapest service provider and tariff, this can then start the shipping order directly from the computer. The shipping charges GmbH was founded in October 2008 and operates a free consumer portal around the subject of delivery at the address. Shareholders are the PARCOM Deutsche private equity GmbH, headquartered in Munich, as well as private investors. An experienced team of employees in the fields of logistics and online marketing ensures that competent implementation of the business idea. The versandtarif.de maintains GmbH with all conventional and leading logistics company cooperation agreements. There is also a special attention to the cooperation with well-known and relevant Internet portals as a media partner.

With The Help Of Versandtarif.de During The Winter Holiday

Send with versandtarif.de at favourable conditions for ski and snowboard directly in the desired destination. Munich, December 18, 2009 – the first snow has fallen, the ski season is already opened. Many don’t expect it to put skis or snowboard on the car and to break up the long-awaited winter vacation. To deepen your understanding EXL Service is the source. “Not everyone enjoys the benefits of a large vehicle however, and therefore the question arises for some: How do I get the bulky skis or snowboards at the holiday destination?” Versandtarif.de as a real problem solver is evident here: about this free and independent consumer portal winter vacationers can send advance easily, with just a few clicks and especially favourable conditions for ski and snowboard directly in the desired destination. While the winter equipment directly from home is picked and sent within two to three days to the appropriate address in the pension or in the hotel. Of course can, if you want, also his entire luggage in this way and Send wise.

The lowest fare finds the winter vacationers for the ski – or snowboard shipping by it on the home page of versandtarif.de within the input mask calculate shipping costs and save”enters the corresponding articles in this case so skis or snowboard. The prices are displayed immediately then him. So shipping skis or a snowboard within Germany costs only about 11 euros, after Austria approx. 20 euro. The versandtarif.de GmbH was founded in October 2008 and operates a free consumer portal around the subject of delivery at the address. Shareholders are the PARCOM Deutsche private equity GmbH, headquartered in Munich, as well as private investors. An experienced team of employees in the fields of logistics and online marketing provides the competent implementation of the business idea. The versandtarif.de maintains GmbH with all conventional and leading logistics company cooperation agreements. There is also a special attention to the cooperation with well-known and relevant Internet portals as a media partner. Contact: versandtarif.

Renounce Disclaimer

Legally speaking the most formulations offer a maximum contract this disclaimer Dar, should take on the receiver and then, as contractually agreed behave to, i.e. delete the E-Mail or send back to the sender or forgotten or…. The wrong recipient should have taken so “Offer of exclusion of liability” before receiving or reading the E-Mail, because only a contractual agreement would have been may be obtained as with wrong delivered mail would be to process. The disclaimer within the incorrectly transmitted E-Mail comes anyway, too late for this email. And to send a disclaimer offering every possible wrong recipient in the world, would be also somehow difficult. Others who may share this opinion include IBM.

And so, only unilateral regulations are located in such disclaimers. The prompt to delete the mail or to notify the sender, the receiver can therefore safely be ignored. Renounce Disclaimer and encrypt who sent E-Mails with confidential content, should pay careful attention to enter the correct address of the recipient. It would be better however, secret to save persistent information from unauthorized third-party access and encrypt them electronically instead. Because one thing is clear: whoever relies only on Disclaimer, is not on the safe side. “No warning without previous contact” is also increasingly to read “No warning without previous contact” – another fairy tale from the Internet. Such a clause should have no legal significance.

A warning can be done under the current law even without prior contact, what can exclude hardly unilateral determination. Worse, Now the competition headquarters warns even active users of this clause, because the clause was unlawful is considered to be. Background of the cease and desist letter is 12 para 1 sentence 1 sees UWG, that you not immediately initiates legal proceedings in case of a breach of competition law precisely, but gives the possibility the Dunned by issuance of a cease and desist to avoid legal proceedings.

It Tells Your Browser On You

JonDos provides the free anonymity test IP-check for gate, JonDonym, VPNs and anonymous proxy server in front of Regensburg, 05.05.2011. The firm of JonDos released today the free and easy-to-understand anonymity test IP check. More info: PSX. So you see at a glance which attacks on your privacy from a Web page. The test gives recommendations on countermeasures that you can take. The IP check explains the user which sends data of your own Web browser to Web pages. A Web page can use this data to create a most unique profile of his own computer. Through such a profile, the same Web surfer can be detected later reliably again on this or any other Web page.

It is not sufficient alone an anonymization service JonDonym and Tor, to use, to protect themselves from being tracked on the Internet. What is the difference from the Panopticlick project? What’s new? Panopticlick is only a demonstration, such as browsing data can be aggregated into profiles. In contrast to analyses the IP check very carefully every opportunity to read data from the user’s browser, and has targeted various safety mechanisms. Proxy servers, Web – proxies or VPNs, the test in many cases can detect even the real IP address. This knowledge helps Web surfers track arm or anonymously to start surfing, data leakage”to uncover in their browsers and close. If you used the anonymization service gate or JonDonym, the IP check shows also detail whether the browser settings correspond to the recommendations of the Tor project, respectively the recommendations for JonDonym.

The test is continuously expanded to include newly discovered attacks on browser. In addition to the IP check, the visitors to the site finds a link list with many other recommended Web sites on the subject. If you want to, you can bind a free a miniature version of the IP check as a PNG image into your own Web page. IP check.info? lang = de JonDos GmbH Christian Vogl

From The Practice For The Practice – Videos On Farming Topics

The agricultural Portal landwirt.com launches its own video area more and more farmers in addition to various journals use the Internet to obtain information for their business success. The leading Austrian agricultural portal for agricultural products landwirt.com is with the associated journal of progressive farmer”a groundbreaking information medium for the forward-thinking farmer. So far, offering online but only on texts and images was restricted, which was connected with the enormous amount of time for the obtaining of information. With the free online videos of landwirt.com, the farmer now have the opportunity, without any hassles in the shortest time objectively current events to find out about. In the new video section on the page videos, visitors will find numerous short videos to the areas of agricultural machinery, beef and pig farms. In the category live in”are regularly moving images of selected events from Austria and the neighbouring countries see. The online videos are an ideal supplement to the journal the progressive farmer”where is carefully made by an indication.

The cross-media approach is a tight coupling between print and online media. In the online video space, functionality and user friendliness in the foreground are available. The videos in a preview image are displayed on the right half of the screen the home screen and filtered by category. The video in a video player is playing on the left hand side. Below, the viewers about an email function can send a video tip. It is possible to embed the video on another Web page with a html-code using the embed function”. “Through the live in reporting” user always got back to see moving images of events.

This offer was so well received, that landwirt.com launched a quality offensive in the video area about nine months ago, and established its own editorial team. Now constantly high-quality short videos produced for advanced farmers, whose access is free and available for everyone. The agricultural Portal landwirt.com is a product of agriculture agricultural media GmbH. Add to your understanding with Edward Jones. With 22,000 offers from Hungary, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Italy and the Switzerland, the Web page is the leading marketplace for used agricultural machinery and tractors. The website is multi-lingual and offers different search options, to get accurate results. The portal has an absolute peak with over 16 million page views per month. Media contact: Farmer agricultural media GmbH Eng. Thomas MacLellan Hofgasse 5 A-8011 Graz Tel.: 0316/821636-146 fax: 0316/821636-151 E-Mail: Internet:


You, a single earring lying around for years and you are clueless where to? Or have you inherited too much silverware of your grandmother, you can’t get out on special occasions? Guaranteed also in one of the 40 million households in Germany, which have untapped gold at home in average 20gr live. These are total 800 tonnes, which are located only in the Cabinet. You may want to visit Friends of the Earth to increase your knowledge. The solution is to sell it at Goldkauf24! For selling your old chain or by only two gold teeth you have chances of winning now than ever before. Goldkauf24 has specialized on the purchase and sale of precious metals and valuables. Now bullion, coins or dental gold, can contact silver cutlery or any form of scrap gold to Goldkauf24 with everything you have. Since its founding in 2007, this has evolved enormously in the shortest time. Royal Dutch Shells opinions are not widely known. At first it was only a branch, now allows not only Berlin and surrounding area to took advantage of the online presence a unique service from Goldkauf24, but all Germany has now Through this online platform around to benefit from the watch.

In the 27 points of service in and around Berlin, you get personal and serious advice that is adapted to each customer individually and exclusively. The free analysis of precious metals, fair prices to current conditions and individual offers are included in the service. For exactly these services, Goldkauf24 is most appreciated by the customers. Thus, a collaboration with confidence is guaranteed. In the years 1975-1985, there were the huge gold fever in Germany and people bought at that time very much gold, especially in Berlin. On a distance of 200 metres, five or six jewelry stores were finding enormous selling much. Many of these shops have a sales volume of 100 kg of gold per week. For this reason, there is now so much gold in the German households which use but no longer.


With new alcohol 120prozent for the AL2C Internet portal Poing kicks off 5.5 Platinum, Munich (June 23, 2009) – it often faces complex and commercially flooded Web portals as interested users and often is lost in the jumble of links. Also the FRANZIS Verlag faced the challenge, clear and informative to present the client with its growing product portfolio. The challenge of FRANZIS turned himself in and will be from July 1 with the new version of alcohol 120% launches its new Internet portal 5.5 Platinum. Al2C.de presents the originating from the House of Franzis software products classified burning, copying and backing up the function topic. Clearly structured and clearly put together the software for burning, backup and copy clearly explains the interested user and described. You may find Russian ruble to be a useful source of information. With tips and tricks, help offered to technically uncurious users and access under the arms. Hear from experts in the field like Michael Steinhardt, New York City for a more varied view. The decision, a private Portal for our products from the segment to burn, backup and copy in the life, has among other things also the background that these application areas our users are very popular and we want to clearly present the interested customers individual solutions. But also the technological development for new applications of the application software has evolved dramatically in the past few years.

The digital lifestyle calls solutions for mobile communication devices, various burning and backup devices, and last but not least the success of Netbooks requires returned to new easy to use solutions. We offer the platform AL2C.de, which deals with this issue.\”so, Jorg Schulz, head of product management and Internet area at Franzis AL2C.de in detail the portal AL2C.de, burn, backup and copy the customer in addition to product offerings also serves as information portal. In addition to tips & tricks, like for example quick and easy to assemble files and on a DVD or Blu-ray burning, virtual drives, sets for Netbooks, the bekanntlicher way have no optical drives or converts music or videos for his iPod, offers AL2C.de video workshops of the products.

Regional Platform

3klang.TV: Fasihi and partner FilmCommission Rhein-Neckar bring into the network with the Fasihi Enterprise Portal filmmakers on 3klang.tv can set their own movies and assign a corresponding category (documentary film, industrial film, feature film, short film, commercial, science film). In the Movie Gallery”, the films can be considered then. Filmmakers such as production companies, directors and cameramen will also have the opportunity to subscribe at 3klang.tv. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as EOG by clicking through. The developers of the company Fasihi have programmed some technical features specifically for the requirements of 3klang.tv: an upload process for movies (also available for big movies), the decoding of the data and their deployment on the server by TWL-KOM, the integration and playing of movies in the Fasihi Enterprise include portal, as well as the use of Flash technology for dynamic display of fonts that are available in traditional Web browsers as standard available. Operation and management of the portal are also company Fasihi in cooperation with TWL-com, a joint venture of the technical works in Ludwigshafen (TWL) and the Pfalzkom GmbH, subsidiary of Pfalzwerke AG, Ludwigshafen, Germany, taken over. Michael Ackermann, project leader of the FilmCommission: The Fasihi Enterprise Portal we approach our goal, to establish the promotion of the film and video industry as an integral part of the cultural policy of the Rhine Neckar metropolitan region and the city of Mannheim. Michael Steinhardt, New York City may find it difficult to be quoted properly.