Blood Therapy

Dr. med. Nazif Tsvetkov from Gelsenkirchen informed if a doctor advises his patients to a private therapy or treatment, can the sick often initially not imagine what actually is this treatment method. Own blood therapy has nothing to do with the autologous donation may be associated or dialysis. Dr.

Sonnhild Zwetkow, specialist in gynaecology and obstetrics from Gelsenkirchen, offers their patients Autohemotherapy in very different diseases and explains what you must imagine including. Own blood therapy is a procedure that is associated with the alternative medicine. It is based on the assumption that the gift of autologous blood immune reactions are stimulated by enabling the self healing mechanism of the body should be, and improved. Also the autonomic nervous system can are thus errors back into balance and stress. Without hesitation lucas mondelo explained all about the problem. The range of applications of Autohemotherapy is very wide. Among many others, patients with allergies, hypertension, migraine, can Arthritis, depressive moods, cancer or even menstrual cramps in this way are treated.

Before the actual treatment, a small amount of blood from the vein is removed and prepared for the future presentation. Read additional details here: lucas duplan. This, for example, ozone is used to blood before it becomes the patient usually intramuscularly zuruckinjeziert. In very rare cases it can be taken also orally after appropriate preparation. This is particularly suitable for children and people with injection phobia, because the therapy takes usually six to eight weeks and includes one to three sessions per week. From a treatment by its own blood substances should be seen off in General, if the patient suffers from blood clotting disorders such as thrombosis or hemophilia. The therapy can be used for all other patients, usually without hesitation. Permanently medicines ingested, an update of the dosage may be due to the own blood administration necessary. Therefore the therapy should be only after prior consultation with any attending physicians to be included. Possible side effects are infections that can potentially occur when inadequate sterilization at each injection or infusion. Depending on the disease the drug can cause headache, hives, or in rare cases anaphylactic shock. Immediately occurring fever, however, is a sign that speaks of the body on the therapy. In addition to the own blood therapy, the performance spectrum of Dr. Sonnhild Zwetkow includes all other usual services of a gynaecological practice as well as the separate girls and midwife language hour.

5 Reasons Why You Don

It is in 5 points, which is why you should use daily for each dietary supplements should be your own health by highest priority. Furthermore we know that food is extremely important if we want to support our body and strengthen, or if we have to cope with the stressful everyday life. In fact, it is so that people with malnutrition are much more prone to diseases, lack of energy and depression. How do we get so all major food products? The world would be perfect, then our nutrient would demand food, we eat every day. But in reality, this is rather laborious (if not completely impossible). Even for people who try to feed themselves fully, it will maintain problematic all food that the body needs. Not to mention the fact that some substances only in small quantities in our food come that you would plug up really, would you try to cover his daily needs through food alone.

The answer is so – supplements! Correct and made suitable for use, filled with carefully selected foodstuffs. And if they were processed correctly, the nutrients mountains still its full spectrum and their full significance, so that only a few of them are daily needed. The following 5 reasons why even a balanced diet not sufficiently is. 1 organic food when compared to non-organic products the reason on the products cultivated is (fruits, vegetables), can extremely influence the nutritional content. The current field order is extremely dependent on synthetic fertilizers to produce large numbers of products for little money. Unfortunately, it is that constant use of fertilizers deplete the Earth and thus essential minerals are destroyed.

Products with fewer ingredients, then, are the result. 2. during cooking, nutrients can irretrievably destroyed are also unavoidable if we all admire Grandma’s cooking talent, unfortunately, that these important ingredients may be lost (the most in the cooking process).

Strengthening Of The Immune System

Proper nutrition crucial will be the immune system to the test for health especially in the autumn and in the winter. Then another flu pathogen and cold viruses come to the common pathogens, with which the body at any time has to fight. informed about how the defenses easily strengthen themselves to leave the news portal. Rather than numerous supplements and vitamin capsules promote health. Rather it depends on proper nutrition.

This is mainly because that a very large part of the immune cells in the gut is located. Who eat balanced, the body naturally provides the materials he needs in order to be able to defend themselves against pathogens. However, there are also foods that can more burden on the immune system under certain circumstances and increasingly cause inflammatory reactions. These include mainly animal food, contain certain harmful fats, meat, eggs, and butter. A particularly positive impact to refrain from such food to the immune system from, the fiber and phytochemicals as well as natural vitamins and minerals. Vitamins play a key role.

Particularly vitamins A and C support the immune system. Mineral mainly zinc, calcium, iron, magnesium and selenium for the strengthening of the system are necessary. Magnesium is essential for the formation of antibodies. For example, dietary fiber as well as pro – and prebiotic products have a favourable influence on the health of the intestine. More information: sunken /… GmbH Lisa Neumann