Great Assembly

ES the protests of ‘ indignados’ they multiply by all Spain. The encamped ones in the Door of the Sun decide to remain there indefinitely. The mobilizations begin to extend by different European capitals. Economic and social the movement of citizens who, organized through it social networks, demand a real democracy and criticize the deficiencies of the political system, has extended already to tens of Spanish cities, in spite of the prohibition of the concentrations in cases and rain in others. The main activity continues concentrating itself in Madrid, where the encamped ones have decided to remain indefinitely in the Door of the Sun, and in Barcelona, where they have announced his will to remain although they prohibit it. Despite the movement it is acquiring more and more force in the rest of Spanish cities and begins to spread by different European capitals. Saragossa: The number of encamped in the place of the Pillar has happened in few hours of some thirty to than two hundred people, animated more by the citizen collaboration that takes to them foods and everything what they solicit through the social networks.

The impellers of the initiative have installed a mailbox so that they wish that it leaves to a writing ” expressing its opinion libremente”. In the next hours they will celebrate factories of plastic activities and theater for children and adults, as well as factories of cinema done with moving bodies, choir, languages, manualidades, papiroflexia and Twitter. To 19,00 h the Aragonese capital will lodge a citizen press conference and 20,00 h IV the Great Assembly. For this Friday there is predicted a class of Communication 2,0 to 9,30 h and the action of the Zulo, to 19,00 h. The new features can be followed through Twitter, with hashtag #acampadazgz. Oviedo: The place of the Escandalera has become the place of the ovetense protest.

Mitch Winehouse

/After the death of Amy Winehouse, several of their followers have happened through their house in the London district of Candem to leave to flowers and gifts. The rabbi who directed the burial of the artist is developing that this had spoken shortly before dying on its own funeral. The followers of Amy Winehouse who for days crowded themselves to the doors of the house of the British singer took to Thursday one pleasing surprise. The father of the artist, Mitch, began to distribute among them the clothes of his daughter. " They are some of its t-shirts. It is what it had wanted " , it explained.

In addition, Mitch Winehouse gave jewels and other properties of the author of Rehab. After the death of diva of new soul, multitude of fans had happened through their house to leave to branches of flowers and gifts. Thursday, they were homenajeados them. Mitch, that carried out Tuesday a stirring tribute to its daughter in its east funeral Tuesday, asked the young people congregated there who continued listening to discs of their daughter: " Please, you continue listening to its music and that God blesses to Amy Winehouse " , it begged. Meanwhile, the rabbi who realised the funeral of Amy is developing that the star had spoken of its own funeral with its family shortly before its death.

" He was in a self-destruction footpath. Although he was fighting until the end, he was too much far. It was a fragile girl. I believe that she was too much for his body and she sucumbi" , she indicated to Daily Mail. On the other hand, several means become echo of declarations of the ancestor of the artist in whom it indicated that Amy had passed away by to have stopped drinking of form " radical". The Briton had been very popular, besides by her artistic talent, its addiction to the alcohol and to determined drugs. Source of the news: The father of Amy Winehouse distributes to clothes and jewels of the singer between fans


Few things change in Mestalla year to year. Of beginning, the illusion of the fans is uncontrollable. In three seasons, those of the crisis and the sales of Villa and Silva, the Valencia has known to re-invent itself. By far counted success and errors, the set of the discussed Unai Emery, always is competitive. The incorporations of Diego Alves, Rami, Parejo and Piatti, in the hope of Channels, seduce the launching slip, next to which they appear of down, Bernat and Alccer and those that already they were, the Soldier, Albelda, Pablo Hernandez and, coverall Bush, to which all sigh in retaining. And the presentation before the liking could not be happier and effective before the Rome that could not take off I put to rancid of Italian soccer. With forcefulness and brilliance, the Valencia was raised with its trophy, that Bush raised, in an action that it invites to the optimism. Source of the news: : The Valencia deludes to Mestalla. .