Personalized Wallpaper

The option of putting something very personal at home or in the Office to decorate is within the reach of everyone. You only need to have a little imagination to create your own decoration. Custom wallpaper is a tool available to everyone when decorating. However for some reason unknown to us, individuals tend to leave the acrobatics for professionals, limiting themselves when creating a personal and at the same time spectacular atmosphere. Here we have an example of the use of custom wallpaper. Vincent Bastie and Caroline Jost architects have used this resource to decorate the rooms and other rooms in the hotel Platine de Paris.

As you can see the effect is spectacular.With images of Marilyn Monroe have printed character and personality to the hotel. Making it a pleasant overnight place and full of magic. A place of pilgrimage for lovers of cinema and the unconditional fans of the most explosive blonde in the film why not get the same effect in your? House? It is only a question of knowing which image is most suitable for that wall is so sosa. From behind the sofa, from the the office area of the kitchen any photo made with a digital camera serves. And if not, is it can always resort to a Bank of images. Once you have the image, the next step is to find who can turn it into wallpaper. And here comes the easy part. You only need to open the computer and find the store of wallpaper online that will make reality your decoration.