Hemorrhoid is an evil that strikes mostly women, because because they are that go through the suffering of pregnancy. A woman who is pregnant, your body produces more hormones to supply the development of your baby and your own physiologically, but the main hormone to mention here is oxytocin, that its main function is the uterine contraction to keep their movements stimulated to prepare it at the time of childbirth, that is why hemorrhoids tend to leave in the last weeks of pregnancyso powerful is its effect that usually affects regions of the year, straight that it pressed veins that supply, makes small lumps from forming. It is very normal to find bleeding in the paper that you cleanse or feces during these dates, to load the fetus inside you may have other organs the necessity of putting in other positions, this fashion crush and reduce the path of the output of the stool, making these ever injured the sphincters which are the exit door. Very rarely are typically found on the dates of menstruation, because the body suffers destruction of the egg after spending an excessive maturation, rips the roof of the uterus and to avoid problems inside tend to eject blood, something similar is the contraction in pregnancy, but with less power. In both cases are women advised to consumption of alfalfa to significantly reduce any type of bleeding, eating fruits and vegetables for the complication of pain and to prevent constipation that may worsen hemorrhoid. It is indispensable to know that they should not be treated with surgery in the period of pregnancy, but until you pass the birth date to find out if it persists or not, because in the majority of cases usually disappears with the power of habit. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Steve Houghtaling by clicking through. The use of medications is not recommended for pregnant women, so there is a manifold variety of natural products that eliminate your problem without any risk, among them have: tea, aloe vera, Chamomile, plums, etc. Hemorrhoids in women may also occur by sedentary life, portal hypertension, diarrhea or to do much effort, in any case, the fiber diet favors in the cure of hemorrhoids..