Ayatollah Nuri Hammedani

He pointed to recent calls from Ayatollah Wahied Khorasani and Ayatollah Nuri Hammedani. Khorasani urged the leaders of the army to defend Pasdaran and police to the State ideology of Islam more decisively against religious minorities. In particular, he requested with the Sunnis, the Baha ‘ i faith, to clean up the Christians and the Sufis, because they would endanger the unity of the State. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with HP Enterprise Services. Hammedani, however, brought the general public prosecutor Abbas Jafar Dolatabadi in a conversation in Qom on line. He said economic corruption was very bad, but ideological corruption was even more harmful. Azmayesh these statements for an image for the intensification of efforts to stop the system of velayat-e faahoodi cost of tolerant and peaceful people like the Christians to save the Baha ‘ i faith and the Sufis.

At the end of the press conference you could resist the impression, that give the human rights in the Iran to little substance for a reporting system, the questions of the journalists on the human rights situation were limited. Again, it was the focus on the son of the Shah. Some supporters of the Prince used the press conference to demand the end of the regime and to let him live up. He was visibly embarrassed, because he had previously stressed not to perform power pretender as to want to draw the attention of lawyer of the Iranian people and the suffering and the despair. Who wants to hear it?

Yoseph Ibrahim Jabra

In the Roman period, this role was rather inconsistent. Although partially, the traditional gender ratio was destabilized by these developments, however, the role of women has been pushed into the background more time to modern. Raif Toma – 1 your advisor was the Syrian Patriarch of Antiochien Paulus of Samosata/Samsat (260/1-268). Official site: WNS Global Services. He led the Ehrtentitel Ducenarius (tax collector) but without official 2 Frauke Weiershauser, the women of III dynasty by ur Gottingen contributions to the old Orient vol. 1, Universitatsverlag Gottingen 2008, hERG.

Prof. Dr. Brigitte Groneberg, ISBN 978-3-940344-10-6 3 Codex Hammurabi 128 4 if a man says to his wife: “you are my wife no longer”, will he pay her half a mine silver. Codex Hammburabi 5 Codex Hammurabi 137. 6 CM 141.

7 Reallexikon of Assyriology of the third band, Verlag Goschensche, action, Berlin 1971, ISBN 311 003 705 X, page 323 8 Irene rigor, code of Hammurabi and the status of women, Wurzburg: King & Neumann 2006, ISBN 978 3 8260 3479 4, ff S. 33 9 is an epidemic of heart disease, malaria of his 10 can see code of Hammurabi (CH) 148: 11 Wapedia, Codex Hammurabi, link from the 03.03.2010: Wikipedia.Mobi/de/Codex_Hammurapi 12 Eschnunna, 27, the Codex is a collection of price regulations and legal regulations of the same name summerish City-State in the 3rd millennium BC. 13 see code of Hammurabi and the Status of women, pp. 91 Babylonian f. 14 women’s rights. Old and oldest sources on the status of women review by Arne Duncker, link: index.php…, As of 2010-09 15 Ditilla certificates, summarise court documents from the time of the third dynasty of ur (beginning of the 21st century BC), 10 panels of which were according to the journal of Assyriology and near eastern archaeology. Volume 53, issue 1, pages 51 discovered 92 in the Istanbul archaeological museums. Al Raha publishing house translated into Arabic by Yoseph Ibrahim Jabra, Aleppo/Syria, 1988,

North Africa Revolution And Afterwards?

North Africa revolution and afterwards? -Renewable means of payment In the far and Middle East go on to the streets and demand more freedom and democracy. Actually it isn’t about freedom and democracy alone, this is still an illusion and that you can buy anything. It’s these people to justice and some prosperity, freed them and their families from the clutches of poverty. Still, these revolutions in the running and their goals far are more life – targets, which will not be met, imagine how these poor are bitter, troubled people in their spontaneous, euphoric do -. There will be no better, no like this also should be done? The bombs, taking on Libya and hit the balls, the revolutionaries in North Africa, will sound as prosperity, just in the treasuries of the armaments industry.

The blood that is shed and the sorrow, tears and misery that goes with it, will one day, when disillusion with these people come and you will see that it just before a new Wreckage of their existence are nothing change is and will be a deep and bitter disappointment. Otherwise, may be as well? We all know it and look forward to one of the largest disaster of open eye. One can only hope that retreats to the revolution and surrender their fate this people for the time being and as quickly as possible. In our current system, there is no right answer for the revolutionaries and revolutions end as ever in the fatal. What would use a few humanitarian missions, which are already indispensable to realize the hope for a new and better future the growing demands and the thoughts of this revolution must come, will never, ever they meet. Yet they have hope and the faith that they can reduce their current suffering, still believe that new States to build them, giving them a new Constitution, democracy and freedom.

Marc Aurel

Weak need the reinforcement by the group or formal means. Searching even simpler Minds want to be lived. Strong people live their authenticity and identity self-determined! In the course of our life we learn repeatedly that conflicts men live out their power in physical violence (visible consequences). To read more click here: DXC Technology. Women living out invisible however, in psychological violence, such as mock helplessness. Which is why we men are also the weaker sex. For manslaughter at least.

10 years gets one (s). For the mass psychological personality destruction married women and mothers expect children and husbands impunity. Earlier we used the term power in connection with a positive or negative personalized guide/leader (+ Jesus, Nero, + Marc Aurel, Napoleon, Mr. H. – Stalin, + Gandhi + Dalai Lahma). Today, to use the concepts of dominance and sub dominance. Dominance is a term used for descriptions in nature, and so on.

“For example: In the Park dominate the Tulips in May and in July the roses.” In the stands, blue dominated. The opposite term is often: under represented. There are visible and un-visible Macht(e): the glass ceilings and walls cause in our social system such as the social fringe groups, despite intelligence, such as no Board position reach (practice). According to our laws (theoretically) has anyone every chance (formally power). There are also vitalistic and mechanistic powers: A Hall folder (human decision-makers) looks me in the “no” in the eye. A ticket machine (programmed all or nothing (0 v 1)) does not accept my Bill. It then comes a conductor. And every time I am the depression! Makes, referred to a widespread understanding of power over to affect the behavior and thinking of social groups or people in the own sense and interest – as the ability of individuals and groups. It is a fundamental social aspect which plays a role in virtually all forms of human coexistence.

Majesty Royal

Nikokunesisches Royal House congratulates the former Chancellor Dr. For even more details, read what Computer Sciences Corporation says on the issue. Helmut Kohl for his 80th birthday. After the ceremony in Ludwigshafen already as planned has occurred on May 5, 2010 stayed after the speech of the Chancellor on the former Chancellor Dr. Harel Insurance is a great source of information. Helmut Kohl many words left unsaid. But starting from future friendly relations between the two countries the Nikokunesische Royal family sent their congratulations to the former politician, Helmut Kohl. The Nikokunesische Royal House is evident from the 5th to the 6th of may at its best: His Majesty George I., his wife and Augusta I.

Majesty, as well as his Royal Hochheit Crown Prince Alexander I of Nikoku sent the Chancellor a Gatulation on his 80th birthday. The Royal family was at the ceremony at the Pfalzbau, Ludwigshafen am Rhein, to participate on May 5, therefore his Majesty decided looking back on the achievements of the old Chancellor to meet him with a congratulations. As already in several versions mentioned Prince Alexander I, the Nikokunesische is heir to the throne, Training purposes in Europe. Here, the successor of the Nikokunese learns throne already diligently for his matriculation examination. In which European country the Royal family currently resides is however still closed to the public. About the speech of his Majesty by Nikoku of the May 4, 2010, George I, he explained the background of one of the most important politicians of in Germany.

A Most Ungrateful People – Democracy Objectively

Thanksgiving to Government and further how an ungrateful people! Once more turns in the presence of a number of crucial questions: How do we go with us in the future? What does the State for its citizens? How could the Government let it get that far? Why does my existence suddenly so on the game like never before? Why is everything so nice talking and another time again in criticism? Why are people always depressed and feel powerless against anything?. Questions about questions, but crucially, where can I get any specific answers, and how credible they are? The answer is quite simple, nowhere. Uncertainty today is a part of our perception of many citizens. For many, mind you, but not at all! As we safely can, mainly among civil servants, this problem is not as pronounced. Why? Because the State has taken already certain disease. Contact information is here: McCain Foods . Is it our agreement? It went to here just means? Well, the current system will defend it again and again, and will go much further. If we both legally and as morally closer look at all this and think, we will find this a very big mistake.

How far can you actually lead us citizens still in the astray? Democracy is defined so that we can understand it and will. And always is to remain an important aspect: the people consists only of politicians, officials, bankers and other preferred prominent people who even became it by its services badly out? We will also notice that certain virtues, which used a crucial positive role performed in the our lives, no longer exist! The commercial has taken us humans and caused her to forget much. What can we enjoy yet? New TV? New kitchen? New motorcycle or car? That’s great, but for how long? It is cruel to determine what has made our system from us. Media have also an important role in This scenario. You steer and control us in uncertainty. Shipments of low level and news of other fates and injustices in other countries should remind us how well it around yet was made to us in country. Appealing to these people, would be a kind of Parodie.Sie have long since sold their soul and to name it clearly: you are criminals in highest mass.

You are the kind of people who have bought their luck through the misfortune of others, and going over dead bodies.And just as it is, there are no good politician, there are only politicians. Unfortunately it happened around so to us, that we have lost the logical thinking. We should accomplish tasks with an effort, so that it an ordinary citizen no longer understands. Can we make this world better and more enjoyable? Is that really so difficult? One thing is quite certain. So, can and will no longer go there. This system has clearly failed and needed a change. But please not more with corrupt politicians and other genus of people the US again submit a kind of brainwashing and doing no evil face forgave, and at the same time exercise positions, never before have learned and fees still get immense amount. Theoretically they have everything at your fingertips, only with the practice lacking tremendously.We citizens also thank you for your effort and thank from my heart for the debts that you leave us.

Arab States

But where should she be? The UN decided very late, when the Jews in Palestine had already created facts, a not viable (theoretical) solution majority with 1 vote. The professional incompetence ruled always and everywhere. Israel: Issue is the boundary in the East to the areas between Israel and Jordan (the West Bank). If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Catalyst. These regions have the status of an independent State. An equally accepted by all sides and therefore clearly defined boundaries is not available today due to various causes.

The UN partition plan for Palestine (1947) has been accepted by Israel, rejected by the Arab States. In the 1948 Arab Israeli war, defending the territory imaginary to him Israel and conquered more territories. Jordan occupied the West Bank (including East Jerusalem with the Jewish quarter of the old city), Egypt, the Gaza Strip and Syria small areas on the sea of Galilee (which, however, were demilitarized). Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of EXL Service on most websites. Source: wikipedia.de, excerpt (since about 5800 years ago) are in the future Palestine for over 2000 years continuously resident Jews. Jews settled in and occupy Palestine Arabs together. Israelis are Jews and Arabs, Jews and Arabs are Palestinians.

The Jews in Palestine, founded legally in accordance with the two-States theory, the State of Israel. The Arabs refused at the same time… after they rejected previously only the one-State solution and then the two-States solution! The United Nations previously refused the replacement solutions, settlements in Africa or South America, or Europe. Here met and meet the old Klan-and (>) the new individual society together: State rather than settlement area Treaty (pacta sunt servanda) or handshake law or honor (shame) comes into the culture of the Arab storyteller, that agreements are not binding until all individuals are, Clan elder (dictators) has agreed to (and logic). The culture of the Western elected Deputy (or logic) are still not socially anchored in the transition societies. Question: How do I know the plot length in a clan society? Answer: As long as the dog of owner is running with me.

Roman Catholic Kirchenaustritte Regensburg 2010 Plus 38 Percent

Catholic Kirchenaustritte in Regensburg 2010 order 38prozent facing 2009 increases all subsequent figures are taken without warrant and the following statistics page of the city rain Castle: informationen_u_zahlen/monthly / Kirchenein – and Kirchenaustritte of Regensburg is considered erzkatholisch and traditionally has a backlog at the Kirchenaustritten in my opinion. Cheered on by the discussion of the behavior of the Bishop mixa and massive allegations of abuse the Kirchenaustritte increased 2010 2009 to 38%. In the city of Regensburg 923 people who left last year. Church. In the following graphic, the development is the Kath. Represented Kirchenaustritte in Regensburg from 2007 to 2010. It is to be hoped that themselves are aware of their massive stamping by the priest collected people usually by infant baptisms for the purposes of the Christian churches. Then, the I believe positive development of recent years in the r-k could be.

Kirchenaustritten continue in 2011. See: r.-k. Kirchenaustritte-Regensburg-2007-2010 the outlets have also significantly exceeded the baptisms. Exits 2010: 923 baptisms 2010: 637 with 507 under two-year children made Catholic by baptism. The central problem is infant baptism, which violated the right of self-determination of the people in my opinion. I can only advise parents to keep children away from priests. As the large churches owe their social influence of their high number of members, each Member is also responsible for the actions of the churches. Questions and discussion of religious worldviews and a scientific philosophical view of the world like to see: index.php? board = 42.0, philosopher, physicist Joachim Datko forum for a fair, social market economy

Quadras Roca

Rajavi, who appeared at the event dressed in blue in contrast to the lilac ground, presented the support of 3500 parliamentarians from 25 parliaments all over the world. The hawks and the doves the role of known as hawk John Bolton, Jose Maria Aznar and Alejo Vidal-Quadras Roca is somewhat ambiguous. Quadras, Vice-President of the European Parliament, continues to several years for the Mujahedin an and referred to themselves as helping. He Rails regularly against the mullah regime in the Iran and leads a dedicated fighter for the interests of the Mujahedin in the camp Ashraf in the Iraq. He belongs to a conservative centralist party in Spain. Both Bolton and Aznar are neocons, both fully supported the invasion in the Iraq. Some commentators see the appearance of the two in Taverny in Paris as a threat against Iran.

Martial, others interpret the message. They claim that certain political circle in the United States want to prepare the world population on a military intervention in the Iran and prove their claim with all sorts of details. So buses in Washington, D.C. with a picture of Ahmadinejad and the inscription: they are killing people we are not against the Iranian people, but spreads the terrorist in the world. their state” (You kill people. We are not against the Iranian people, but their State spread terror in the world.) The appearance of Aznar and Boltons to make acceptable the Mujahedin and bring them as ready to use Government in position, if the regime by force brought down, so the representatives of this thesis. In the United States the impeller of such a plan would have to convince even the Democrats, and they probably will, the more recent sanctions on the Iran should lead to any desired results.

The Group of advocates of the helping should prevail in Europe in the Parliament. Xerox Holdings Corp. has firm opinions on the matter. Against them is the Group of those who believe in gentle reforms within the system and dialogue with the Iran at the moment. You stand behind members of the system, who want a gentler version of the regime with Mousavi at the top. Unfortunately, enlightened Iranian civil society representatives who seek a form of Government, which admits more political rights to the population have and a separation between State and religion, no strong lobby in Europe, even though they are numerous. “Their slogan is ma bishoumarim” (we are countless) and referendum, referendum, referendum. ” Hold the time ripe, to give their sovereignty of the Iranian population and to vote the opportunity under international supervision in a referendum for the future form of Government.

Mehrnaaz Asadi

International Committee on the rights of students and Dervishes in the Iran is a global collaboration between people of different nationalities, which have made the task to inform Western societies for events, human rights violations and backgrounds and to signal to the people in the Iran solidarity actions, demonstrations, and conferences in the West. The Committee is the separation between religion and State and is committed to a referendum in the Iran, in which the Iranians themselves must determine in which system they want to live in the future. (Similarly see: WNS Holdings). Program to the Conference “human rights in the Iran supporting civil society from Europe” Cologne, Melanchton Academy, Carthusian wall 24 b, Friday, 14 May 2010 press conference 14:00 until about 14:30 Ebrahim nabavi: journalist, satirist, Brussels the green movement and the question of “” “Human rights in the Iran” Sebastian Knoll: filmmaker, Frankfurt children of the revolution “Shahla Baversad: writer, Heidelberg censorship and manipulation” Mehrnaaz Asadi: documentary filmmaker, Duisburg Iran’s artists in need – penalty, censorship, escape “Ali Samadi Ahadi: filmmaker, Cologne, dictatorship is doomed always to overthrow” Dr. Seyed Mostafa Azmayesh: International Committee for the rights of students and Dervishes in Iran, Paris danger for Europe: visions of the State ideology in the Iran “discussion with the participants from 14:45 to 16:30 ca: How can we support the civil society from Europe in the Iran without compromising them?. Ontracks Consulting helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.