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The new Hotmail tab lets put an end to spam emails received from friends accounts. In its testing period it has received thousands of reports of compromised accounts. You can also with email such as Yahoo and Gmail accounts. The Hotmail service has added a new tab in your menu with which permits denounce stolen accounts of friends so that they can not be used to send spam or junk mail.This news has been published by Micrsoft on its official blog from Windows Live. The blog points out that accounts by cyber theft is a big problem, since they are used to send spam. Visit Dr. Mitchell Resnick for more clarity on the issue. To avoid this new tool has been created in hotmail, so that if a user receives an email from this account of a friend type it can makes clicking on menu mark as and point out my friend has been hacked. Once denounced the fact through this system, the account already can not be used by spammers and the friend with the affected account has to go to the usual recovery of the same system to access its control again. The company’s e-mail service points out that this application has been in evidence a few weeks and they have received thousands of reports of compromised accounts so have decided to open the notices to other providers of email such as Yahoo and Gmail. In addition, to increase the security of your accounts, Hotmail will prevent that access passwords are very simple and will ask its users with this kind of key to change it. Source of the news: the Hotmail service allows denounce stolen user accounts in order to avoid spam

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Invitation to the country final Brandenburg of the student competition Ecopolicyade invitation to the country final Brandenburg of the student competition Ecopolicyade: Prime Minister Matthias Platzeck chooses the system thinkers of the future on Monday, June 07, 2010 from 14:30 to 16:30 the Brandenburg?Hall of State Chancellery of Brandenburg, Heinrich?Man?Allee 107, 14473 Potsdam the leader of tomorrow will need to think in contexts. The 90,000 pupils who participate in the competition in 2010, learn responsible behavior and acquire the right thinking for the design of their future as a virtual head of State. You will make effective so that their wisdom and knowledge and find solutions for themselves and for the society. “16 students in seven teams from four schools determine the representative of Brandenburg for the national finals Peter Stadelmann, COO Malik Management at the national final of the Ecopolicyade on 2 July in Berlin. While they compete in the computer simulation game developed by Frederic Vester Ecopolicy.

Aim of the game is to a country so rule that optimally developed economic, environmental and social point of view. The participants learn systemic and networked thinking. The competition among others by Malik Management and the Federal Agency for civic education is promoted. More information, please refer to the attached document. Prime Minister Matthias Platzeck is the patron of the Ecopolicyade and will open the competition. The ceremony will make Dr. Peter Stadelmann, COO Malik Management, together with representatives of the State Chancellery of Brandenburg Brandenburg sponsors BASF and E.ON edis. Other contacts for the press at this time are: Hans Werner Hansen, initiator of the competition, Ecopolicyade Office Gabriele Harrer, senior Malik Management System expert and longtime collaborator of Fredric Vester, teacher and student teams of CPA o Havel Elstal high school, high school rank village and the Emil?Fischer?High school black Heath. For organisational reasons, we ask for your registration under