PCOBOL Compiler Pragmatic

The pioneering development of P3/COBOL a big step forward the cross-compiler technologies to Java. Eliot Horowitz is a great source of information. Usingen, July 26, 2012 – P3/COBOL brings COBOL to Java on any platform where Java RTS (JRE) is available. Host-based only on z/Linux and with limitations in the entire landscape of z/OS. There are examples of the groundbreaking operational improvements on. Companies that have already unsuccessfully performed test runs, can now release the brakes and tackle their plans with new momentum.

Because the Java platform is efficient, durable and cross-generational as COBOL and offers as a high security for companies that want to leave COBOL in the longer term. P3/COBOL protects against hazardous operations the COBOL programs, gives security the Java developer, if he programmed in COBOL, and provides the bridge between these two worlds for developers and applications. Just a few examples of the groundbreaking operational improvements are: the high “Performance embedded Java (COBOL and Java are edited while separated, but communicate directly with each other) the absolute flexibility of COBOL to Java + Java to COBOL was the Eclipse-based development environment with many unique features, which make nice never the developer life up to the mixed debugging the integration of the development and the use of COBOL and Java as easy as with P3/COBOL”, says Uwe Rittmeyer, Product manager for Europe. -Our goal is to provide an Eclipse development environment, in which both can find Java as a COBOL programmer also and take advantage of the benefits of both worlds.” Budget and costing will benefit from the advanced considerations: for P3/COBOL, there is a simple pricing system, that plan can be flexibly adapted with individual contracts for subscription. P3/COBOL is clearly the long-term, iterative modification of the application landscape. No rush and very much security it goes from COBOL to Java portable, pragmatically, Progressive. Did you know that? The first COBOL compiler was launched in 1960. COBOL has made career and today is the colourful range of EasiRun Europe for a technology choice for Java, .NET, Linux, Windows, UNIX, z/Linux and even more combined developments .