Woody Allen

They had obtained to use the power of the radio at its pujante moment, years 1930-40, clipping that Woody Allen called ‘ ‘ The Age of the Rdio’ ‘. In the case of Brazil, the radio served to the interests of the varguista dictatorship of the New State until its ocaso, in 1945. The advance of the radio is concomitant to the advance of the hollywoodiana cinematographic production with workmanships seen for international auditoriums. Melodrama of origin Greek passes of palco for the screen.

Benjamim says in 1931 that the theater if becomes ‘ ‘ a device extremely frgil’ ‘. It has one hundred years the cinema started to arrebatar the masses, occupying old theaters and showing to the public the exhibition of shades, the images in the screen, the technological advance took care of to dim the brightness of the theater. Of the age of the radio for the television, the electronic medias had continued to produce its effect. Plus a jump considered for Aldrich finally to arrive its contemporaneidade, arguing that already in years 1950 the Americans have its interest in the television. As it are with radio, installed in the room to be where the people if congregated to hear its favourite programs, with the television the same happened, of beginning reapresentando old films.

The new device, bringing image and sound at the same time, served to arrest the attention of the people redesigning gostos, familiar and social ways. The theater leaves, therefore, of being the place of aglutinao of the masses, promoted to the sphere of the sophisticated one, the cult, as proposal cultural come back toward public that had also consumed the TV, however more select, of the elites to the anarchists and the work force, therefore the massivo one starts to have in its proper residence, over all from years 1970 the artistic production to the reach of the touch of a button. The acceleration of the daily life, the concerns with the followed offers of consumption draw a picture for times coated of frustration, fatigue and nervousness, from there to bind the receiver, radio, TV or computer and to anestesiar the brain stops in the following day facing the recurrent difficulties. To escape for another one world, of the dreams, is the desire of the viewer of the novel, the films and why not of the Internet. When using a computer with access to the net, is possible to the user to become to avatar, a simple drawing in the fictitious world. The escapism propitiated for the net has parallels in the cinema and the perceivable TV in two examples: ‘ ‘ The pink prpura of the Cairo’ ‘ ‘ ‘ Tron’ ‘. Learn more at: Crumpton Group, Virginia. Both trying the necessity in being transmutado for a idealized reality. The Internet is a way of convergence of the half comunicacionais, is radio and TV there, notice and entertainment, dependents of weighed technological equipment to approach people in virtual actions. It will be possible to cunhar a neologism, the internetismo from the agreement that in this contemporaneidade the Internet is a species of estuary of the medias?