The social and economic benefit is clear by the attention that is lent to certain groups that hardly accede to other systems of attention, by the processes of change which they are generated, by the own implication and qualitative effectiveness of the Educator and because in the social work the relations must be horizontal and of promotion to secure true changes. The Educator of Street does not work solely with drug addicts, outlandish delinquents, young people, etc., for being subject and objects of programs and specific interventions, but its action between youth is motivated because they are in a stage of the life in which it will serve as aid to accompany in those inherent situations of conflict the adolescence. Educator deals with which the experiences that it accumulates the young person can be positive and serve as baggage for its adult future. And it does from those significant spaces, the scopes, the times and the activities where they are and do: Cultural corners, streets, centers, bars, associations So that the young person stays in educative educative surroundings will do lack delegated that accompany, support, suggest, do of bridge, etc. If they do not harness this type of attention measures is easy that many young people have special difficulties in the process of social incorporation, and so the conflict will still be become serious more.

The function of the Educator will be always the one to urge, to support the transition process, to socialize, to contribute to the acquisition of the autonomy, etc., without needing watching, to protect, arranging, tutelary Sabe that " estar" between the young people it will help " hacer" community. It would be possible to say the same if the adressees are another type of individuals that go through special difficulties. To arrive to where they they are will require creativity, innovations, abilities and techniques that facilitate that approach. .

Simple Techniques

When you are demotivated, sad, angry or with laziness, those emotions predispose to you of certain way towards the actions that you are taking at that certain moment. However, when you feel trusting and motivated, you will feel that a great energy invades to you and that you can obtain any thing that you set out. It is for that reason that is so important to be kind to your emotions so that you can take part in them and modify them to obtain the best results of the actions that you choose to undertake. When you feel that bassoon and the downheart is invading to you, uses these simple techniques that will help you to leave but fast the emotions that are restraining to you: 1. It spends moments for the free writing. It takes a notebook from notes and a pencil and writes everything what this happening through your mind in those moments.

You must be on the lookout of your thoughts. This will allow not only desahogarte you and to clarify the situation that this demotivating to you, also will give a scheme you of thoughts you can be so that them changing conscientiously. 2. It learns to accept the emotions that they obstruct to you without resistance. All emotion has a cause and entails a learning. This will allow you to rescue the positive within the crisis and it would leave an education you that you will be able to use at some future date. 3. Beam memory of the happy moments of your life. It writes when they have happened and in which situation you were, it tries to revivir the sensations that you had at those moments so that they help you to fight the negative emotions.

Universal Declaration

The European Union will fichar to the foreigners who travel to their territory. Perhaps by to have supported to many years a dictatorship, " fichar" I associate it to police control, penal answer, crime. Therefore, for the leaders of the EU, all the foreigners are potential delinquents, according to the ominous policy forged in the USA de Bush to act " preventivamente" , as he showed with the invasion of Iraq. The EU will not arrive at as much; only fichara police to million foreigners. That project of control will take shape in a centralized computer science European registry with biometric data, photographs and digitized digital tracks of the foreign travellers; place, dates and times of arrival and exit of the EU more authorized term of stay. If it surpasses it to a foreigner, the great central computer will shoot the alarm.

This control will be reinforced with previous the electronic authorization to travel; the foreigners will have to ask for it by Internet in time so that the police verifies its data. Simple prudence, will be said. No, much more. The European leaders ignore or forget that, at some time, all we are or we have been foreign, that &quot only means; that he is or he comes from another one pas". They also forget that many studies indicate that the EU needs million immigrants, unless accepts the slow disappearance by oldness. The case of Spain, with a 10% of population immigrant, is enlightening. The eighth or ninth economic power of the world also is it because the immigrants have allowed him to break the stagnation of inhabitants during years in 40 million by the worrisome reduction of national natality. And because the work of has let it to the immigrants grow during the past few years of uninterrupted way. The brains of the EU, to those who so opposite proposal to the Universal Declaration of Human rights was happened to them, possibly ignore that History is to go and to come from people, groups and towns.