The Problem No Problem

The problem is not problem is undeniable that things happen to all human beings. And we evaluate each event through crystals of different colors, being the color that we use as a filter which will determine our unique and particular reality of life. We can see the facts as dramatic, tremendous, catastrophic, unsolvable problems, or we can see them as an opportunity for learning, development and change. We can sit around with our black lenses to expect that the problem be resolved thanks to some design divine or we can replace them with others to start looking at the world from another perspective. We can focus on what is wrong or we have wrong or we can change the orientation of our focus to focus on what is right and the resources that we have to solve what we call problems. We can saturate our minds with negative thoughts that put us in the position of victims away more and more of the solution, or you can choose to turn and take the reins that lead us to become protagonists of our own destination.

If we recognize that we often have a pessimistic view about the events seeing life as an eternal problem and acting accordingly, but the choice is to take charge of our own lives, we can begin to build what is called resilience. This term comes from physics and refers to the ability that has a material to recover its initial shape, even after having been subjected to a pressure that ended deforming it. Applied to human beings, resilience is the ability that has an individual or a social developing positively despite the adversities system and which goes beyond even, since the objective is to emerge strengthened and transformed by the experience, by more painful that it could result. Although we find people who can seem more resilient than others, we can say that resilience is a capacity that human beings of all ages can learn to build.