VP Business Development

Hobnox published simultaneously at the start of the Adobe Flash 10 player the Audiotool update BERLIN, 04.11.2008: various instruments such as synthesizers, drum machines or effect devices can be wired together and mixed in a user interface. The produced music can be recorded, saved, and published about Hobnox. The idea, easy to produce music in the browser is obvious. Just the simple linking of production and publication and the increasingly important collaboration across multiple sites is thus within reach, it could put no one only so far, as browser-based software is usually much too slowly for dynamic audio generation”so Andreas Jacobi, CTO at Hobnox. “Added Alexander Gorny, co-founder and VP Business Development: Andre Michelle and the team behind the audio tool we have found the experts this problem to solve and Hobnox catapulted this release of audio tools at the forefront of this development.” The areas of application of the free but also music lessons or re mix contests are usable audio tools music production, sound design. Source: Kenneth J Hardy. Andreas Jacobi continues: the future of audio tools is a full-featured digital audio workstation with all the advantages of the Internet. “Distributed work, access to huge sound or song archive, finding new contributors for projects, connecting musicians and VJs to new forms of live production and of course distributed computing will open up whole new dimensions of sound us”. Andre Michelle, the head behind the Hobnox audio developer team is optimistic: we are already working at high speed on a timeline that will compose it and allow saving of the arrangements, and first approaches of distributed music production. I think that will be a nice new year gift for our users”. hobnox.com/audiotool