The technological supports are several and the possibilities of multimiditicos, intermiditicos and transmiditicos resources also and always increasing, ahead of a chain of creativity of contents, applicatory and interatividades in an environment of technological convergence of the communication. Here, Viktor Mayer-Schönberger expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Thus, the relation apprentice-learning in the cibercultura meets favored by the greater capillarity of the pedagogical mediation. The professional apprentice technician can have access to the thematic universe of its area of choice for desktop, notices and netbook, tablets, cellular and others gadgets. However, for next the four years, I would bet in tablets and the cellular ones as the capilarizados ways of access to the apprentice. The university would have to search platforms of integration of the communication and the sharing of its content and process of learning with these gadgets, tablets and the cellular ones, mainly these last ones. In classroom we have frequent problems with pupils using its cellular ones, ' ' atrapalhando' ' the lessons, violating the tests, deviating the attentions, ' ' prejudicando' ' the learning.

Then, the proposal is not new, but it fits to face it of definitive form: how the cellular one (and tablets) could in fact contribute for the learning process humanistic technique and of our pupils? For this we need to understand as our apprenticees use its cellular ones? Mine comments and make me to experience to tack: to contact dear people (namoradas or boyfriends, familiar friends and) and to play. To have access to the Internet for cellular still is privilege of a minority group of students of the superior schools, already I tried to work, in this year, without success with this tool that is more present in modems of operators and the WiFi nets disponibilizadas by the universities (that to the little aid in the accesses of cellular with access the nets without wire). How to start? Throughout a quarrel in lesson, to open the search of the reply or the colaborativa construction of the room of a subject considered in the context of the lesson, being fulfilled aspects of the education plan.