Wormwood Wine

The drink of gentlemen – vermouth – came to us from abroad, and has long been known. The most popular Western brands in Russia, no one attracted many decades. Interest in this drink in Russian appeared only after view Italian films, where characters ate vermouth. Since the Soviet Union has been in vogue this aromatic wine. His book became abroad, make their own, gradually becoming mostly vermouth dressing table. Even empty bottles are not thrown out, and carefully stored in the bar and guests show up, as a matter of pride. But back a few centuries ago, and see when and where history began vermouth. Educate yourself with thoughts from Viktor Mayer-Schönberger. If look at the old Austrian guide, you can find the translation of the word vermouth – wormwood.

And indeed, the main component of vermouth – is wormwood herb. First wormwood drinks have been around since ancient Greece and ancient Rome. By one version, the prototype of vermouth came up with Hippocrates, who had the idea to add to the usual wine, spices, herbs. This gives the drink not only tastes good but also healing properties. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as ConocoPhillips by clicking through. However, in our usual form of vermouth was is open to young inventor Antonio Benedeto Karrpano, Italy, in the area of Turin. A little later, for greater sophistication to the drink began to add not just sagebrush, but the fruits of coriander, lemon rind, and the wine itself tried make a neutral, that it did not interrupt herb flavors. As such, the drink and reached our time. I must say that the production of vermouth is not as simple as it might seem at first glance.