Attitudes in Life

When you go to work or arrive late to a meeting, this phenomenon is accentuated. You lend little attention to what surrounds you, has to happen something really unexpected or surprising that your attention is diverted and appreciate what experience gives you. It is a curious phenomenon that we have our around a world as complex and detailed, with millions of living beings coexisting in it, hundreds of technological experiences invading our lives, and we are given so little to appreciate this complexity. Children come to stones, leaves and branches that come on the ground. Touch them and appreciate its texture, its smell. They shake the branches and make them in magic wands or any other object itself of any game ending of inventing. Curiosity and invention go hand in hand, they create their world voluntarily, they actively participate in it, they rush to try and discover new things. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to be able to live a little more his way? Go out and see all activity that takes place for a few seconds.

Appreciate the gestures of the driver of the bus, consciously seek the kioskero smile, enjoy the rich everyday life that surrounds us at every moment. He plays with the world, experience, learn and enjoy. Children do constantly, looking for your own delight in it, and we can do it too, although constantly find reasons to say to ourselves that is not possible. Perhaps you’ll be happy when you understand your partner, or when things are less stressful at work, or when you pass any trauma of the past. While you expect that everything lines up, millions of children worldwide bosom to her around in search of something to have fun and have a good time. In that regard, children to bring you much advantage in the art of happiness. But that may change.

Hurricane Alex

The model of care to clients of Axtel attends a separately according to customers, its segmentation. This leads to that in cases of widespread failures, large companies could receive more direct attention, while smaller customers had to wait to be served and have information about what was happening. The impact of Alex was huge, as evidenced by the photos and telecommunications were not the only ones affected. But Axtel if it was the phone company that suffered and not only its customers of Monterrey and the North were affected, since there were also complaints about failures in other cities. What was missing was clear information on the scope of the Affectations and actions to correct them.

Limited to reporting through facebook that they were working on solving problems, was definitely not enough. Axtel, like other telecommunications companies, give great emphasis in its model of care to the customer. Is why you must be able to maintain schemes that guarantee the continuity of your system even if your telecom network failures generalised as Hurricane Alex. Being that technology was not prepared for the eventuality of Alex, it is expected that Alestra is sufficiently honest and modify their advertising or to explain what actions will take for hereinafter Yes be able to meet this claim. Different areas of Mexico are struck by hurricanes every year and remain impossible to predict the affectation, it is possible to be prepared to at least provide a warning and accurate, clear, and timely information to customers and any segment.