Freire Technology

The man concrete must instrument itself with the resources of science of tecnologiapara better to fight for the cause of its humanity and its release. (FREIRE, 1995, P. 22). Oreferido author understood, who the technology is one of ‘ ‘ great expressions of criatividadehumana’ ‘ (FREIRE, 1968, P. 98).

E, still, que: the natural expression of the creative process emque the human beings if engages at the moment where they forge its primeiroinstrumento with that better they transform the world (…) has broken of the natural development dosseres human and is element for the affirmation of a society (…). (FREIRE, 1968, P. 98). Still, in accordance with Freire (1994, P. 1), ‘ ‘ oavano of science and the technology is not task of demons, but yes expressoda creativity humana’ ‘. With this thought it reiterates, therefore, the affirmation daimportncia of the technology in current world e, also, in the field of the education. The educator Pablo Freire believed that the technology not surgeda overlapping of the new on the old one, but that the new is born of the old one (FREIRE, 1969).

E, in this manner, the new brings in sielementos of the old one; it has been broken of an inferior structure to reach umasuperior and so on. Another important element of its conception detecnologia is the politicidade. This, because being practical human being, poltica, it is permeada by the ideology. It has an end individualized assets and serves aum group of people and to the most diverse interests: the technology is not neutral, is intentional and it does not produce yourself nor if it uses without a world vision, of man and desociedade bases that it. Freire arrives to affirm that the not tecnolgico problem, but politician, ‘ ‘ if viscerally finds to the conception mesmaque on if it has of produo’ ‘